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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frontier Airlines.. man do you suck

Cramped doesn't really begin to cover it. "Folded" is a bit closer. Frontier airlines really pissed me off so while here in a 2.5 hour layover, let me register my displeasure to the three or four of you that give a crap.

I'm pretty sure they designed this torture chamber on purpose, awaiting the moment I would board this plane.. First I sat in the back row, and that's a non-recline row. I was aware of this so I can can't complain. The lady in front of me reclined just fine. My kneecaps are being sent to me on another flight.

Then they came around for the usual crappy peanuts and tiny coke glass with 3 pounds of ice laced with 4 or 5 coca-cola molecules. They charged for that too. I declined. They do have directtv put in the seat. Simply hook up your headphones. $3.99 for this. Which since my beloved Kansas City Chiefs were playing, I decided to watch. Except the card reader wouldn't work. So the one thing I was actually willing to pay for, Frontier made sure they denied me that.

So knees up to my neck, not enough room to pull out my laptop, I attempted to sleep. Which I did for roughly 37 seconds when the child next to me began the crying. He had a very low threshold of pain for ear popping.

The good news is that I get to do this again in about 2 hours. I know, 1st world problems. On my way to a company paid trip to Las Vegas with my beautiful wife. My spine feels differently and will be forming a committee on whining. I'll let you know the dates when it convenes.

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