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Friday, January 30, 2015

DOJ: Attkisson's Computer Wasn't Hacked.. It's a Bad Keyboard... That's the Ticket

In her book “Stonewalled,” Attkisson had issued a wide-ranging set of claims — that her CBS News work computers and her personal computer had been hacked, that a strange wire was found hanging from the cable TV/broadband box outside of her home and that her phone service went fuzzy. The inspector general’s report found that the cable in question was a “common” cable used by Attkisson’s broadband provider. Here’s how the report sums up the situation: 
Lastly, Attkisson reported to the OIG that a “suspicious” cable was attached to her Internet Service Provider’s connection box installed on her house. She opined to the OIG that perhaps this cable was being used to “tap” her house. Further investigation by the OIG revealed that the cable was a common cable used by the provider and could not be used to monitor or otherwise affect the phone or internet service at her residence. 
And in response to Attkisson’s videotape of an alleged hacker deleting content from her computer screen, the report says that the activity was caused by “the back space key being stuck.”
So I haven't seen her videotape nor seen the investigation. But deleting content from a screen cause the backspace key got stuck tells me one of two things:

Either this is the stupidest cover up ever or Sheryl Attkisson has a typical reporter's acumen when it comes to technology.

Now, given the IRS email scandal, I won't put anything past the government for stupidity with technology. But if you've worked in the tech sector and you've seen how the the media portrays technology, how reporters constantly misreport technology, or just worked on your family's computers and know not only how god awful ignorant they are about technology, but the interesting explanations they may come up with on how it all works.... well.... maybe the backspace key DID get stuck.

I assume more to come.

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