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Friday, October 4, 2013

Did I say Frontier Airlines suck? I meant blow.

Less time painting the tails with cute animals and more time putting customer service reps in place please.
So ok, let me preface this by saying weather is not Frontier's fault. I get it, weather happens and when Denver is your main hub and a snow storm goes by along with terrible winds, well shit happens. It's how the airline handles things that is the problem.

So we get to the airport at 2:00 pm for a 5:15 flight. The line to the Frontier desk is somewhere around 473 miles long. We wait in line for 2 hours with no explanation for why it's taking so long. Then they start splitting the line up. If it weren't for people looking online with their phones and whatnot, we wouldn't know what was going on. A person could come out and make an announcement occasionally but no, we had to hopefully figure it out. This is compounded by the fact the boards are not updating at all. Nothing is saying it's delayed, everything is supposedly on-time. Now other airlines are showing issues, so why not Frontier. That's the airport's job? I'm not sure how those boards work. I know other airlines were updating just fine. Again, not Frontier.

As we are waiting, we are seeing people get turned away. They can't get them to their destination. Bismark is snowed in. Sucks, but I get it. Then a guy going to Cincinnati is told he can't get there until Tuesday. Um, uh-oh. We finally get to the counter. The lady helpfully answers the phone as she is working on our flights to make sure that we can't speak to her in any meaningful way. Fortunately our flights are only delayed by an hour or so and we should even make our connecting flights which are also delayed.

Then she hands us a boarding pass. One. Not two, one for this flight and one for the connecting flight, just one. She then gives us some story on how they don't always print for the connecting flight. My wife, who has been a real trooper up to this point, gives her the EYE and demands to see a manager or get us our second pass. (Those of you who are husbands are well aware of the power of a wife's eye.) Sure enough, the second pass is printed. What kind of bullshit is this?

Again, I don't want to be unfair. Weather does throw things off and that can't be helped. Better communication to those in line, transparency, and some extra help for those ticket takers would've alleviated all of this. Sure it still might have taken a while but at least people would know why. That little bit of knowledge defuses all kinds of bad feelings.

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