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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Media Incessantly reports on another hate crime in which an innocent man dies for his skin color

And by incessantly, I mean not at all. 

There is a reason why the MSNBCs, the CBSs, the ABCs, and the New York Times will not report on this. It's simple: They are racists.

They only see people's skin. And they believe that black people do not have to abide by the same standards of behavior as their white counterparts. Therefore, they believe that blacks are different than whites. That a person's skin color defines his ability and excuses his actions.

That is racism, plain and simple. Do not try to tell me it's something else, or give me intellectual bullshit about racial justice. They do not treat blacks as humans. Humans are expected to abide by certain rules of civilized society and the left doesn't believe blacks have to. Therefore, no coverage, no outrage on the Daily Kos, nothing but crickets. Racism for a particular race's perceived benefit is still racism. The outrage is that there is no benefit to the very people the left thinks they are being compassionate to. They are hurting these people and sending their culture into violence, chaos, and murder. No human being deserves to be treated like this, let alone a group.

So the death toll mounts. First the jogger in Oklahoma, then the WWII veteran, now an innocent retiree who took care of his mom. Blood is on the left's hands. As it always has been throughout history.

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