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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Piers Morgan sends Piers Morgan Spurlock to buy gun legally -- BIG NEWS!

So Piers is at it again. Trying to make a point about something and stuff. He sends noted McDonalds hater Morgan Spurlock to buy an AR-15  --the gun NOT used in the recent Washington shooting I might add-- which Spurlock does totally legally.

So what's the message here? They are TOTALLY OUTRAGED of course. Spurlock has no criminal record that I know of (his documentaries are unfortunately only crimes against art and decency) and buying a weapon is his right. He exercised his right as an American. So what's the problem?

Wait, now that he has it, will the the evil AR-15 begin sending the hate-rays into his brain causing him to go on a murderous rampage, spraying bullets in every direction and possibly vote Republican? (Horrors!)

Crime being committed, so says CNN. 
Newsbusters is media watchdog, so their point is how uninformed and how much false information CNN gives out. I get it, but I think there's a larger point to made.

Why is it wrong he bought this gun?

It is wrong to murder, no matter the implement, but it is not wrong to shoot in defense, target practice, hunting, whatever you choose to use it for. Having the gun is not wrong. Are all guns wrong or just this one?

People can own whatever they want as long as they do no harm. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Own all the violent video games you want. Own as many guns as you want. I got 500 DVD's myself, many of the movies are not for children. (Or in the case of Flash Gordon, not for anyone.)

A man buys a gun with no intention of harm and CNN wants you to believe that this simple act is bad. Yes, I know they want to show you how easy it is for someone who DOES want to cause harm to get it. But why limit to the AR-15 then? If someone wants to do harm, we cannot know until he does it. You cannot remove the implements of harm. So they won't limit it to the AR-15, of course, they just need to get that first snowball down the hill.

Because for all their misstatements and fact fudging, the truth is that an AR-15 has all the same functionality as a semi-automatic pistol. And get rid of one semi-automatic, you have precedent to get rid of them all. They will center the entire argument around the scary looking gun that no one needs. Well no one needs CNN either but I wouldn't try to get them off the air because FOX would be next. No one has a right to tell you what you need, how much you should have as long as you get it legally and work for it. We are letting ourselves get bogged down in defending one gun when really we should be defending them all.

They know this and facts aren't going to get in their way. By making this one gun seem like it's different somehow, worse than regular guns, well that's the sort of thing that will get the low information voter to support them. They will assume that it's the only problem gun and once we get rid of that, everything's hunky dory. And that's when the precedent has been set. That's when they get the rest of the similarly featured guns.

Conspiracy theory? No, this is just legal wrangling and manipulation of the ignorant. They succeeded once, it's called Obamacare. All designed to have a single payer system. You get to keep your insurance, remember?  How many more can dump their plans? How many insurance companies can survive? What will be left? You guessed it, Nanny Government.

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