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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frontier Airlines.. man do you suck

Cramped doesn't really begin to cover it. "Folded" is a bit closer. Frontier airlines really pissed me off so while here in a 2.5 hour layover, let me register my displeasure to the three or four of you that give a crap.

I'm pretty sure they designed this torture chamber on purpose, awaiting the moment I would board this plane.. First I sat in the back row, and that's a non-recline row. I was aware of this so I can can't complain. The lady in front of me reclined just fine. My kneecaps are being sent to me on another flight.

Then they came around for the usual crappy peanuts and tiny coke glass with 3 pounds of ice laced with 4 or 5 coca-cola molecules. They charged for that too. I declined. They do have directtv put in the seat. Simply hook up your headphones. $3.99 for this. Which since my beloved Kansas City Chiefs were playing, I decided to watch. Except the card reader wouldn't work. So the one thing I was actually willing to pay for, Frontier made sure they denied me that.

So knees up to my neck, not enough room to pull out my laptop, I attempted to sleep. Which I did for roughly 37 seconds when the child next to me began the crying. He had a very low threshold of pain for ear popping.

The good news is that I get to do this again in about 2 hours. I know, 1st world problems. On my way to a company paid trip to Las Vegas with my beautiful wife. My spine feels differently and will be forming a committee on whining. I'll let you know the dates when it convenes.

Viva Las Vegas!

Welp, I'll be on hiatus for the week as I'm going to the Techmentor conference in Vegas. If you're there, you might be able to find me, I'll be the guy in a polo shirt and jeans. Shouldn't be too hard to spot me at an IT convention.

Not to worry, I will be back in a week and be posting my semi-cogent vitriol on a semi regular basis.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spiders seen flying into North Texas.

My guess? The Texas economy is so much better.

First Walgreens, now Home Depot


Expect more of these stories folks. The average home depot worker probably makes 30-40k a year. Who exactly helps the middle class? Of course we got an uphill battle to convince the fence sitters with zombies like this hitting me on twitter:
Ok, he asked for facts. So I gave them.

So what's his rebuttal? Did he take my points and cite anything that refuted them? Nope. Just dismissed them cause you know, he said so and stuff. Obama rules!
Nothing factual. Everything I said is just a talking point. This is a prime example of a typical leftist argument. He doesn't like the right. So it really doesn't matter what I say, whether it's right or not. It's what the GOP says and they are puppy eaters. You can't listen to them. But I decided to play cause there wasn't any football on.

Libs treat the political parties like baseball teams. My team is the Royals. Before you start laughing, know I don't care. They are my team. There is no logical reason other than geography but I love them. I will always root for them and I know it's nothing but pure emotion. So what? Baseball isn't life or death, it's pure entertainment, nothing more. Political parties are not baseball teams. You don't root for them, you find which one has the correct ideas for success, both for the country and for you as an individual. I will shred the GOP for every wrong idea they have. They deserve it. I will vote for a democrat if he is a conservative. Unlikely, I admit. Point is, don't get emotionally wrapped up in a candidate or a party. Be passionate about the issues. And be prepared to back it up.

I'm not going to convince this idiot, nor did I expect to. I did this prove a point about how to argue. I hope I convinced fence sitters who were reading the argument. I cited actual issues and then backed them up with sources, as best as I could within the limits of Twitter. My way takes more time but it is more effective.

We need to be effective.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Charlie Rangel says Tea Party is the same Crackers who opposed Civil Rights

So he means... democrats?

Good ol' Rangel. Always good for a laugh.

So have the Libs just become the members of the Bushwood Country Club?

A new petition has just sprung up from to rescind Ted Cruz's Harvard diploma because he's not Harvard material. I believe the left is now awash in the hoity and the toity.

The way to a man's heart is between two slices of bread

Credit to Ace and Mediaite. This woman has created a site called Man told his girl if she made him 300 sandwiches he'd marry her. So she's making them for him. Cause she loves him. He is also happy. 

“No matter what’s on the menu, Eric smiles and says thank you,” Smith concluded in her revealing article. “He’s just happy I cook for him at all.” 
She seems happy too.

They look pretty happy.
Where's my chips, bitch?

Well that's a problem for the Church of the Perpetually Outraged. Mother Superior Amanda Marcotte got out her twitter yardstick and smacked their hands for daring to engage in some sort of non-state sanctioned, politically incorrect happiness.

You know, Amanda, you don't have to go with this guy. And neither does she. She has her own choice. She made it in accordance to what makes her happy. And he loves her sandwiches and that makes him happy. Two people finding each other in this world is hard enough. Finding someone that makes you happy and that you can make them happy too? Well take it from someone who knows, it's a freaking miracle. But no, little miss tolerance and diversity, it has to be done YOUR way or no way. 

See we conservatives don't really want the 1950's to come back. We really do like our women with opinions, ambition and a brain. We have no desire to keep them in the kitchen. But we don't look down on the women who choose to be in the kitchen, unlike yourself. Why don't you take your holier than thou bullshit and .... 

Ah, what's the point. Perpetually unhappy people never can take a hint.

Oh for the love of....

I'm a republican!

Peter King calls the Cruz filibuster a form of "Governmental Terrorism." (But I repeat myself. *rim-shot*)
King, who is supposedly considering a run for president, told The New York Times Tuesday afternoon that Cruz, who has been speaking on the Senate floor for nearly a day to protest Obamacare, is “a fraud” 
The former supporter of the Irish Republican Army went on to explain that Cruz’s fight to defund Obamacare, which could theoretically result in a government shutdown, is “just a form of governmental terrorism.”
Look, the cynical among us may think that Cruz is doing this to get his name out there and drum up support for a presidential run. The doe-eyed among us think he is doing God's work and Reid will cave and Obamacare will go the way of the do-do bird. Unicorns will appear riding rainbows and whatnot.

The truth is probably that Cruz is looking ahead at a presidential run but I also believe that he believes in what he is doing. He truly believes that Obamacare is a train wreck and will harm the country. If he can't get it destroyed (defunded, same thing) then as president he can. I don't fault a man for ambitions, as long as he is truthful and honest in how he gets there. I don't think this is some dog and pony show and I believe he really is doing this to get some grassroots support against this monstrosity.

Using this moment to get his message across and increase his chances in 2016? Seems pretty smart to me. I never bought into the idea that do good in this world, you have to sacrifice yourself on the alter somehow. Steve Jobs did a lot of good in this world with his technology and he was pretty well off. What's wrong with that? Political leaders aren't supposed to do that?

What I don't like are the hypocrites. Take a James Cameron making that awful Avatar letting us white people know how bad we are and all we want is money. Box office: $750,000,000. Yeah I bet he donated it all and lives in a modest house in Idaho. We have enough politicians getting rich while decrying the rich.

Cruz is trying to do something good here. He may benefit from it later on, he may not. But at least guys on our side like King could stop with the dumb ass statements like "Governmental Terrorism."

Keep it going Ted!

So the Obamacare mantra was you get to keep your plan. Guess what? It'll cost ya.

When I saw the letter when I came home from work,” Andy Mangione told Fox News, “(it said) ‘your action required, benefit changes, act now.’ Of course I opened it immediately.”
The letter said their insurance would go from $333 a month to $965 a month because of the new health care law. 
“This isn't a Cadillac plan, this isn't even a silver plan,” he said. “This is a high deductible plan where I’m assuming a lot of risk for my health insurance for my family. And nothing has changed, our boys are healthy — they're young — my wife is healthy. I’m healthy, nothing in our medical history has changed to warrant a tripling of our premiums.”

 Ouch. This is to help the middle class, right? You know what defeated and wiped out the Native American? It was when we decided to "help" them. Ever been to a reservation? It's an awful place. Now they are trying to help all Americans.

God help us.

Meanwhile MotherJones tells us that it will cost less. Cause of tax credits and stuff. Sorry but that dog won't hunt. 

Nature destroys and creates

Pakistan had a 7.8 earthquake the killed 45 and wounded scores of others as earthquakes are wont to do. But it also created a football field sized island off its coast.

Boy does the GOP have betraying their principles down pat!


Aren't they the party of lower taxes and free-market principles? Oh right. Most are in the ruling class now.

Bad Astronomer vs High Voltage

My pun machine is on the fritz so forgive the title. One of the guys I used to read on a regular basis and then later gave up on was Phil Plait. He ran a website called "Bad Astronomy." Being a movie buff, I loved his articles on the physics of film, more specifically how bad the physics in Hollywood is. (If cars exploded like they do in film, gun control advocates would have a different cause. A better site is intuitors Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. )  Phil has embraced the "global warming"/"climate change"/"earth is burning cause of your SUV" movement and has become pretty nasty about it.

Enter Anthony Watts, also a scientist who has a blog detailing all the climate stupid. He recently went at it with Phil in print. Phil made scathing comments on Slate where he is with the other loons and of course Watts' rebuttals were not printed in Slate. It's a good read, free of back biting and personal attacks. It does however nicely cut the legs out from under another global warming fanatic.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seriously, This Must Be Their Plan

So Obamacare is being fought by Ted Cruz right now and for good reason. I don't think he'll win this battle. But I do think it's a good battle to be fought and here's why:

...earlier this year, Porter’s hours were cut. Her employer cited the Affordable Care Act as the reason, she told The College Fix.
“Then they told us that they couldn't afford to pay us health insurance,” said Porter, 22, who is no longer allowed to work more than 25 hours a week.
So she now has to be on food stamps. One way or another, they are going to get you dependent on them. And then you'll vote Democrat, if you know what's good for ya.

As usual the people who it's supposed to help, it hurts. This is the problem with government. The ideas start with the best of intentions, the favored building material for the elevated bypass to Tartarus. They always balloon up with unintended consequences. Minimum wage laws cause teenage unemployment. Rent control keeps housing unaffordable. Price controls cause shortages. Everything the government attempts to control seems to always backfire. Yet people just believe the constantly in the government to be answer to our problems.

They are the cause. Why can't health insurance be sold across state lines? You hate big business, why set up a system that creates 50 monopolies? My stepson is 14 and wants a job but can't get one because of labor laws. How is that better?

"You want to children to work in mines!" No I don't, I want people who can work and want to work, even teenagers to have the same opportunity and protections that adults have. What the heck is wrong with that? That is the argument a leftist will take you to though. Wanting my 14 year old step son to have a part time job is the same as wanting children to work in mines. It's that ridiculous.

I'm exaggerating? Remember that every criticism of Obama is only because you are a racist. If they can raise that ridiculousness, they can do anything.

Remember that $2500 savings per family thanks to Obamacare? Um...

Not quite.

My question to the left is, you really bought into that? Please someone tell me the last government program that ended up spending less than what they thought it would. It never happens and in truth, it CAN'T happen. The methods, processes, and people that are in government are specifically suited to spending more than they should.
“In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year….. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.”  Unfortunately, the experts working for Medicare’s actuary have (yet again[1]) reported that in its first 10 years, Obamacare will boost health spending by “roughly $621 billion” above the amounts Americans would have spent without this misguided law. 
What this means for a typical family of four
$621 billion is a pretty eye-glazing number. Most readers will find it easier to think about how this number translates to a typical American family—the very family candidate Obama promised would see $2,500 in annual savings as far as the eye could see. So I have taken the latest year-by-year projections, divided by the projected U.S. population to determine the added amount per person and multiplied the result by 4. 
Interactive Guide: What Will Obamacare Cost You?
Simplistic? Maybe, but so too was the President’s campaign promise. And this approach allows us to see just how badly that promise fell short of the mark. Between 2014 and 2022, the increase in national health spending (which the Medicare actuaries specifically attribute to the law) amounts to $7,450 per family of 4.
Uh huh. So again, I ask, who bought into the $2500 savings? And how many times do you have to slam your hand in a car door before you realize it hurts? By the way, don't really do that. The cost of fixing that hand will be too much.

Some of the Obamazombies have been already claiming that Obamacare has slowed down health care costs since its inception. Impressive since nothing has really taken effect until this year and the lion's share of the law kicks in this month. But correlation has always indicated causality in their minds. Problem is:
An important takeaway from these new projections is that the CMS Office of the Actuary finds no evidence to link the 2010 health care law to the recent slowdown in health care cost escalation. Indeed, the authors of the projections make it clear that the slowdown is not out of line with the historical link between health spending growth and economic conditions (emphasis added).
Ah, oh. Whoops. So sure, if people have no jobs and no money, they probably aren't going to the doctor as much and getting as many prescriptions. Anyone want to hazard a guess what's going to happen in 2014? Oh boy I can't wait.

When you pass a law that is 20,000+ pages, there is no way that this doesn't put a burden on everything it touches. How can it NOT increase costs?

ObamaCare. How many trees died for this? How many people will die for this?

Obnoxious Neighbor Speaks Volumes About What's in Store for Us

A completely unimportant story but I found it interesting that this psychopath was a government worker.

Now I know that government workers are not all like this. But tell me, when's the last time you got polite and helpful at the post office or the DMV? How about competent? They may not have started out that way either but I think the system they have to work in beats them down. Turns them cynical and nasty. So I ask my liberal friends, how can this system which really destroys the people who work in possibly be beneficial to those who need their services? Does a government housing project seem like a happy place? Do people on food stamps seem well-rounded and fulfilled?

Do you remember what happened at Walter Reed? Now multiply these conditions for Obamacare. This lady was probably already a nasty wacko and is an extreme case. I don't know what caused her to become this nasty. But I have met many people who worked in government and to a greater or lesser extent, they weren't pleasant people. Either Government attracts these sorts of people or it creates them. Either way, there is nothing positive about what we get the more the government tries to provide. Liberals call it compassion but I believe it's totally the opposite.

Jon Stossel once did a story I will never forget. It was how government money to help is like a deal with the devil. A lady was letting little kids stay at her place after school in the inner city to keep them off the streets. This was out of the goodness of her heart, I don't believe she was charging anything or if she was, it was really minimal. It got so popular that she needed help. She did not want to start charging the parents as they weren't that well off either. So she applied for government money.

With the money came regulations. She must have a mop bucket and sink installed. Why? To clean up the milk she now had to provide. The kids didn't want the milk but if she gave them a snack, she had to provide the milk. Milk got thrown out most of the time, just totally wasted. That's environmentally friendly, huh? This was just one of the many rules she had to follow. Finally she refused the money at which point the government said she could no longer watch the kids at all. So now no one is helping these kids because big government knows best.

I recall her tearfully telling the camera, "Don't take the money." This is compassion? The government is too self-important to help anyone anymore. It wastes money. It throws down one-size-fits-all rules that don't fit anyone. It crushes the human spirit of charity and innovation. It is NEVER the answer. But it is usually the problem.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So, is this parody.... or prophetic?

Sounds silly, until I remember Nanny Bloomberg and his 16 oz sodas.

Egypt Bans the Muslim Brotherhood?

Good for them. 

An Egyptian court on Monday banned the Muslim Brotherhood from carrying out any activities in the country and ordered the seizure of the group’s funds, widening a campaign to debilitate the Islamist movement of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

We'll see what happens. Radical Muslims have always taken this sort of thing with good humor and class.

This is why no one gets Washington

So a bill with a provision to defund Obamacare is on to the Senate and Ted Cruz wants to filibuster it. Whaaaa? It's actually good strategy but I will never understand politics.

Mother Jones identifies the problem with the economy: Insane regulations and high taxes Spending Cuts

Mother Jones found the problem with economy and its name is Austerity.  I'm not even sure where to start with this. The main issue I have with the basic premise is that wealth is generated from government spending. If you believe that, then this article is for you!

First is their blaring sub-headline:


Then followed up a paragraph later with this:

But then, on April 15 of this year, a trio of researchers at the University of Massachusetts published a paper that took a fresh look at Reinhart and Rogoff's study. It turned out there was a problem: R&R had presented data from a list of 20 countries that filled lines 30 through 49 on a spreadsheet. But the formula that calculated the results relied on lines 30 through 44. Oops.

Wow. Bombshell indeed. Probably would throw off the whole goddamn study.

On its own, the spreadsheet error had only a modest effect on the paper's conclusions, but the UMass team had other, weightier criticisms that taken together called R&R's conclusions into serious question. Still, under ordinary circumstances the whole thing would have been little more than a dry academic debate.

Oh so the error that is the basis for your whole article isn't really a big deal? Let's watch the mental gymnastics.

TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE R&R AFFAIR, let's return to that moment in January 2010. Technically, the Great Recession had ended several months earlier. But the economic reality of working Americans remained bleak. The unemployment rate continued to hover near 10 percent. A broader measure that includes discouraged job seekers and those forced to accept part-time work was near 17 percent. GDP was growing again after a disastrous 2009, but at an anemic rate of about 2 percent a year. Wage growth, adjusted for inflation, was actually negative: Salaries were shrinking, and still no one was getting work.

Let's take a look at what money actually is. It is a neutral resource to be used in place of trade. Prices are a message to us what goods and services are worth. Business produce products and services. It is not really efficient to trade goods for goods so money was invented as a go between. I want a new TV but I can't trade my work at Widgets, Inc. for it. Money is used to measure my worth and the TV's worth. But in essence we are still trading my work for that TV, at least a fraction of it.

And trade of money for products and services benefits both parties. But let me let Mr. Whittle explain:

Now governments do create currency but only for the purpose of allowing the trade of wealth, work, and goods. But Government as a supplier of goods and services must get money from some sort of income. It cannot simply just print the money else the money will decrease in value. So when the housing bubble burst and we went into a bad recession:

The federal government is the only logical candidate for this rescue operation, and with recovery still perilously weak in 2010, the obvious response would have been a second dose of stimulus spending. But the political world was already moving in the opposite direction. Republicans had voted against President Obama's first stimulus bill almost unanimously, and there was little reason to think they'd be any more receptive to a second round. Nor was it just Republicans. 
Wait, the ONLY rescue candidate for the bubble was the government? Do you accept that notion? What about the notion that the housing bubble happened in the first place because Fannie and Freddie were artificially propping up the housing market from money given to them from the government. Buy buy buy! There's plenty of money! Except there isn't plenty of people who can afford them. When it was apparent there were far more houses than people, the houses lost value. Maybe things like the affordable housing act contributed to this. (Oh shit, sounds like the affordable care act! No impending doom there, right?)

By the way, Republicans did indeed vote against the stimulus in 2009. But it didn't prevent passage, so where was the austerity exactly?

The rest of paper is near intolerable but the link between government spending and job and salary growth is not there. How does taxing more companies and individuals, giving to the government, and the government spending it on things like... oh say.. Solyndra which goes belly up, how does that help the economy?

Well what if Solyndra was the next big thing? What if it generated wealth and then could be taxed? Sure great. The government's track record on picking winners and losers is bad, though. But then why the hell is it their business to pick these winners and losers? Market competition will do a far more efficient job of that anyway. And let's not forget a little thing called freedom to pursue my own happiness, not the government sanction happiness.

So sure, 550 million to Solyndra paid some salaries. But that money came from taxes, they took it from other people and gave it to the people who worked at Solyndra. Who pissed it away, went bankrupt and now the money is gone. It's worth less than what it was worth when the government gave it to the company because it is not generating wealth.

Wealth can be generated from thin air but money can not, at least not without dire consequences to the economy.

 When FDR cut spending too soon in 1937, it famously throttled recovery from the Great Depression. They pointed to economic data: By 2010, we knew that the 2008 recession had been far worse than we thought during Obama's first month in office, when the initial round of stimulus was passed. They pointed to Europe: Austerity there had crippled the recovery and kept unemployment at stratospheric levels in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and other countries.

But how? How does it keep unemployment at stratospheric levels? Only if the jobs are government jobs will spending cuts result in less people working. A private business can do whatever it wants if it has the money and revenue to do it. So what cuts into a private business's revenue? What keeps it from expanding and therefore needing more people to do work for it?

(Let's also absolve ourselves from the notion that companies are there to provide jobs. They are there to provide a product at a profit. The better it does, the bigger it grows and the more people it needs to help it continue. Jobs are a byproduct of success, not a goal.)

What cuts into a private business are taxes, regulations and fees. The more the government requires of a business, the less it is able to continue to do business. If it has to hire 20 accountants to do it's taxes, money that it then has to forfeit, how the hell is it supposed to hire more people? Just raise prices? Tell me, how well do you respond to higher prices? Do you buy as much as you normally would? Or just demand more money from your employer so you can keep the business going and pay your taxes so the government can spend more to failed enterprises and wasted grants so they have to take more...

The bottom line in all this gobbledygook Mother Jones tries to dazzle you with is the simple truth: Government can take more or less. The less it takes, the easier it is for businesses to expand and therefore provide jobs. The more people are working, the more money to spend, the more economic activity there is. Think of the government like ankle weights. Right now they are cement shoes and we are at the bottom of the ocean.

And the debt tide is rising.

Updates? I don't need no stinkin' updates!

Did you know hanging drywall in your basement is hard? Now you do. I highly recommend against it. It keeps me busy and away from all you. And my twitter too. Still there are a few things this weekend I'd like to share:

I don't understand why Liberals are the definition of tolerance. I mean, really?

The religion of peace demonstrated once again how peaceful it is, leaving 68 dead.  Makes me wonder why Obama won't call on muslim restriction. Oh right, he only restricts religions of intolerance and hate like Christians. 

Global Warming has another setback as nature won't cooperate. 

It's alright, as long as Americans are well-informed and voting, we'll be ok. Well 1 out of 2 ain't bad. 

Ted Cruz joins the list of GOPers that talk a good game but let us down. Wait, maybe it's the GOP hurting Cruz? Hold up, what's happening here?  Cruz is anti-establishment, no doubt about it. Establishment includes all Democrats and many, many Republicans. He's finding out what time and again in history happens to boat rockers. I say keep it rocking. Especially since most of the crap the establishment foists on us, they get to exempt themselves from.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bigfoot Map?

I had no idea there was so much Sasquatchery afoot. A big foot as it were.

Piers Morgan sends Piers Morgan Spurlock to buy gun legally -- BIG NEWS!

So Piers is at it again. Trying to make a point about something and stuff. He sends noted McDonalds hater Morgan Spurlock to buy an AR-15  --the gun NOT used in the recent Washington shooting I might add-- which Spurlock does totally legally.

So what's the message here? They are TOTALLY OUTRAGED of course. Spurlock has no criminal record that I know of (his documentaries are unfortunately only crimes against art and decency) and buying a weapon is his right. He exercised his right as an American. So what's the problem?

Wait, now that he has it, will the the evil AR-15 begin sending the hate-rays into his brain causing him to go on a murderous rampage, spraying bullets in every direction and possibly vote Republican? (Horrors!)

Crime being committed, so says CNN. 
Newsbusters is media watchdog, so their point is how uninformed and how much false information CNN gives out. I get it, but I think there's a larger point to made.

Why is it wrong he bought this gun?

It is wrong to murder, no matter the implement, but it is not wrong to shoot in defense, target practice, hunting, whatever you choose to use it for. Having the gun is not wrong. Are all guns wrong or just this one?

People can own whatever they want as long as they do no harm. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Own all the violent video games you want. Own as many guns as you want. I got 500 DVD's myself, many of the movies are not for children. (Or in the case of Flash Gordon, not for anyone.)

A man buys a gun with no intention of harm and CNN wants you to believe that this simple act is bad. Yes, I know they want to show you how easy it is for someone who DOES want to cause harm to get it. But why limit to the AR-15 then? If someone wants to do harm, we cannot know until he does it. You cannot remove the implements of harm. So they won't limit it to the AR-15, of course, they just need to get that first snowball down the hill.

Because for all their misstatements and fact fudging, the truth is that an AR-15 has all the same functionality as a semi-automatic pistol. And get rid of one semi-automatic, you have precedent to get rid of them all. They will center the entire argument around the scary looking gun that no one needs. Well no one needs CNN either but I wouldn't try to get them off the air because FOX would be next. No one has a right to tell you what you need, how much you should have as long as you get it legally and work for it. We are letting ourselves get bogged down in defending one gun when really we should be defending them all.

They know this and facts aren't going to get in their way. By making this one gun seem like it's different somehow, worse than regular guns, well that's the sort of thing that will get the low information voter to support them. They will assume that it's the only problem gun and once we get rid of that, everything's hunky dory. And that's when the precedent has been set. That's when they get the rest of the similarly featured guns.

Conspiracy theory? No, this is just legal wrangling and manipulation of the ignorant. They succeeded once, it's called Obamacare. All designed to have a single payer system. You get to keep your insurance, remember?  How many more can dump their plans? How many insurance companies can survive? What will be left? You guessed it, Nanny Government.

Now Australia(?!?!!) leads the way

Give your money to save the earth from .. um nothing apparently. But still dire! Amen!

Australia is dismantling their climate commission agency:

PROFESSOR Tim Flannery has been sacked by the Abbott Government from his $180,000 a year part time Chief Climate Commissioner position with the agency he runs to be dismantled immediately.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt called Prof Flannery this morning to tell him a letter formally ending his employment was in the mail.

Is it any wonder when it turns out that there's no warming for the last 15 years and as it turns out, my SUV and air conditioning don't do crap to the environment:

The report, which cites thousands of peer-reviewed articles the United Nations-sponsored panel on climate change ignored, also found that “no empirical evidence exists to substantiate the claim that 2°C of warming presents a threat to planetary ecologies or environments” and no convincing case can be made that “a warming will be more economically costly than an equivalent cooling.” The U.N.’s panel is scheduled to release its next report next month. 

So what's Obama doing? Oh right.

Solyndra Green. It's made out of people......'s money.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Costa Concordia -- Time Lapse video

I find this sort of thing fascinating. Ok actually it's just sets my geekiness to an "11." But interesting to watch. 

When you've lost Jon Stewart...

Time to lick your wounds and move on. 

Red Wednesday

My beloved Chiefs play tomorrow night. Round these parts, we call the Friday before the Chiefs game Red Friday. But since they play tomorrow, today is Red Wednesday. Officially. Because I made it official. Officials ruin games. I'm no longer official. Whatever, GO CHIEFS!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I've had these stories on the backburner for a while and the events of the past few days haven't helped. Piers Morgan's carnival barking grates on me. 

It appears Lois "Liar" Lerner did indeed target tea party organizations:

Newly-released emails between disgraced Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner and her staff may contradict earlier claims that the agency’s harsh treatment of conservative groups was not politically motivated. 
One email shows Lerner, then the director of the tax-exempt organizations division, advising her staff in February 2011 that a Tea Party matter is “very dangerous,” and is something “Counsel and [Lerner adviser] Judy Kindell need to be in on.”
Yeah those crazy wacko tea party groups. We have to make sure they don't do anything dangerous and do something like forgo the law, abuse their power, and trample on constitutional rights. They've been known to do that.
Lerner knew exactly what the tea party is all about: keeping government power in check. She believed they were dangerous but not in the way she told her staff. She knows what we are all about. What's the saying about absolute power? Looks like corruption starts well before it becomes absolute: 
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, Michigan Republican, said the emails from Ms. Lerner show a dangerous pattern. 
“There is increasing and overwhelming evidence that Lois Lerner and high-level IRS employees in Washington were abusing their power to prevent conservative groups from organizing and carrying out their missions,” he said. “There are still mountains of documents to go through, but it is clear the IRS is out of control and there will be consequences.” 
Democrats have argued that liberal groups were also scrutinized, though the latest emails suggest there was an effort to target tea party organizations.
Yeah sure they were. See evidence is as stubborn as facts, and we don't have any for liberal groups. We sure as heck have reams of it for tea party groups. The IRS, remember, is going to be in charge of obamacare. Sounds delightful.  Ok so they got rid of the bad apples. Everything will be smooth sailing though. No more corruption, right?
 Last month, the Minnesota version of ObamaCare attracted attention for spending $9 million on advertisements featuring a giant statue of Paul Bunyan doing Super Dave Osborne tricks to promote the state exchange.  If that didn’t amuse many Minnesotans, no one was laughing yesterday after an employee at the exchange e-mailed out confidential information on 2,400 agents to an insurance broker — reminding everyone that data security in the ObamaCare exchanges isn't exactly a top priority
Oh so just the usual fraud and incompetence. But at least it's just the normal abuse instead of targeted abuse. Big government agencies just can't help themselves. They will abuse their power, they will go corrupt and the very BEST you can ever expect is run of the mill incompetence. This is not an outlier, this is inevitability.   I hope we actually listen to the people and repeal this thing. IRS has proven itself to unreliable, untrustworthy, and corrupt. With HIPPA being basically thrown out the window once they get their claws into healthcare, the only way to deal with it is to support guys like Louie Gohmert:
Should the executive branch fail to provide answers or remedy the scandal, Gohmert continued, Congress should strip the agency of its funding. 
“If the administration is not going to be forthcoming with information about the IRS, then it may be necessary to defund part of the executive branch until such time as they become truthful,” he said.

Personally, I don't see why there should be an "if" in his statement. It is necessary to defund the IRS. Remove it entirely. It's not going to get less corrupt. It's not going to get more competent. Government agencies are incapable of this.

@Piersmorgan is an unserious person

This man is truly disgusting. An unserious mind playing serious games with his influence.

We all know the man can't get his facts straight. Facts aren't even in the same neighborhood with this man. My issue is he, and so many others who think guns are the problem, are creating laws that actually result in more deaths.

Now if a private business doesn't want guns in their establishments, that's up to them. But I would say the gun-free zones knee jerk reactions are creating more and more target rich environments. The death toll is exacerbated because of the insane hatred of guns.

Will Piers ever have an answer to why he believes people aren't allowed to defend themselves? People should not be allowed to have guns, in his opinion. Why? Because the GUNS are bad. He assigns motive and alignment to a thing. The THING is evil.

Only deranged people would want an evil thing. Therefore you are evil and crazy for wanting one. He'll give lip service to hunters and whatnot but really, he looks at the AR-15 and sees evil.

That gun is evil, I tells ya. EVIL!!!
You are evil for wanting it. This is why facts are irrelevant in his mind. It doesn't matter if he calls it an AR-15 shotgun or a machine gun. It doesn't matter if it was even used in the crime. It doesn't matter if it has the exact same functionality as a Walther P22 pistol. It's scary looking. 

It's completely insulting that his opinion of most of the gun-owning populace are nutbags just a traffic ticket away from going on a rampage thanks to the power the gun has on the human psyche. We are all just that weak and fragile. Only the police should have guns. They are wards of the state and he just loves the state. Police states have always turned out positive throughout history.

He gets people scared. Instead of informing himself, finding out how this gun works, putting it in his hands and pulling the trigger, he demonizes it. He spreads fear. Others use him to help spread this fear. It isn't about facts. The details don't matter. Guns are bad and less guns mean less deaths. 

Of course, the opposite is true. People need to be able to defend themselves. If Virginia Tech wasn't a gun-free zone, there might have been people who could've have stopped the worst massacre in history. This has happened actually. But those stories don't make the news. Not just because it doesn't fit the agenda, but because the lack of death isn't a story. It just isn't and never will be. If gruesome gun deaths stop being a story, we are in big trouble. And in Chicago, they are already there. No one is making a big deal of the massacres that happen nearly every other day. How tragic is that? Who has tougher gun-control laws than Chicago? Not many places.  

Of course it has to be responsible people who can get guns. Training and permits are fine with me. Training especially should be a must. But Pier's only solutions appear to be some sort of fantasy land where guns will disappear and bad people will say "Curses! Foiled again!" And no gun deaths will ever happen again. It's like a child imagining how to get rid of bad stuff. It's amazingly simple minded.

Knowledge is the only way to fight Piers. He's a lost cause, convincing him will never happen in the same way a religious zealot can't be convinced. But he needs to be fought. Called out constantly. Mocked constantly and by as many people as possible. I really do believe that the laws he and other gun control zealots have inflicted on us are causing more deaths than should be. I will no longer be nice and call him "misguided." Blood is on his hands and all those who helped get these laws enacted. People like him have succeeded in making so much of the populace afraid of the guns and ignorant of the guns. He needs to be stopped. No more of this. 

@Piersmorgan : Murderer

It's time to start calling out him and every other like him who have successfully taken away guns from the law abiding. Every time we get someone who has been indoctrinated to believe guns=bad, anyone who has been influenced by this yahoo who has a position of authority, and who has created gun laws (Chicago  I mean "The Killing Fields") or gotten organizations to create "Gun Free Zones" (Washington, Aurora, Sandy Hook) are responsible for those deaths.

There are three ways to deal with gun deaths:

1. Get rid of every single gun -- This is a child's idea, one that is not feasible in the least and is so stupid, it shouldn't be brought up.
2. Get rid of crazy people or perhaps have a "precrime division" a la Minority Report.
3. Stop people in their tracks when they do go off their nut.

Far as I can tell, the police response isn't to start passing resolutions and looking haughty at the gunman. They shoot his ass. He keeps living in this fairy tale that crazy people and deaths won't happen. He won't answer the question: Why can't people be allowed to defend themselves?

Oh, btw dumb ass: AR15 is just the scary looking.

But all of these do the same thing:

Pull trigger, bullet comes out. It's just the black one looks scarier. That's Pier's entire argument. The actual effect on the lethalness of a gun doesn't matter. It's just scawy wooking. Well how about this gun Piers:

Walther P22. And this one?

Glock 19. What about these two guns? They are responsible for the single largest mass shooting by a single gunman in history, the Virginia Tech massacre.

Why did Virginia Tech get so bad? Because it was a gun free zone. Not one of those poor students were allowed to defend themselves. That's on you Piers Morgan. You and everyone you and your fellow gun control activists who successfully made sure there were gun free zones. Because a gun free zone is a target rich environment.

You can't get rid of all the guns. It's not possible. You can't stop people from going crazy. You can pass laws that people who are law abiding will obey. And you will keep having mass shootings and blood and death. So I am calling on everyone to place the blame of these mass shootings where they belong. Yes, the people who pulled the triggers are ultimately responsible. But the numbers would not get so high if people were allowed to defend themselves.

I give you exhibit A:

Hey Piers, how come you never cover this kind of story. Look, everyone was armed and no one got hurt. More guns are not the answer? Bullshit. Piers Morgan contributes to murder. Plain and simple.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ain't it fun when they eat their own?

So #Obamacare is the law of the land. And we were told if you like your insurance you will be allowed to keep it. True enough, assuming that the plan met the standards of Obamacare and your company or organization doesn't decide to drop it because of all the extra fees. Especially if you have the so-called "Cadillac plans."

Which labor unions have in spades. And the AFL-CIO wasn't too happy that the pony they backed, President It'sBush'sFault, let their plans get swallowed up by Obamacare.

On Wednesday afternoon, the nation’s largest labor federation adopted a resolution outlining what it said are serious flaws in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that could potentially hurt union members’ health plans. The move by the AFL-CIO sets unions up for a clash with a president who was reelected with labor’s funds and ground troops during the 2012 campaign.....
But unions were able to coalesce around one resolution that took aim at the ACA’s impact on multiemployer health plans, undermining the 40-hour work week, and its series of taxes and fees that will hit collectively bargained coverage particularly hard.

Well they aren't about to take that. So they'll work with him and come up with a plan. Sure, it might cost a little bit, but we can't hurt the workers.

A “fix” to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act proposed by unions would force taxpayers to pay nearly $190 billion to extend subsidies to union health plans, according to an analysis by the American Action Forum. 
“Should the administration move to accommodate their union supporters, we estimate it would cost nearly $190 billion over 10 years,” wrote American Action Forum health-care analysts Emily Egan and Conor Ryan. 
President Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 with the financial backing and support of the country’s biggest labor unions, but lately a rift has formed between the White House and its union base over key elements of Obamacare. Namely, the 40-hour work week and tax subsidies. 
Unions have been urging Obama and congressional Democrats to make changes to Obamacare in order to give union members enrolled in union health plans access to taxpayer subsidies.

Obama knows how to play ball, he knows the unions are powerful and being a good leftist, he'll support the worker, right?

In a leak to the Washington Post Friday, a White House official said the administration ”does not see a legal way for individuals in multiemployer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax treatment associated with employer-provided health insurance at the same time.”

Oh ok. Cause making sure everything is good and legal has always been a priority with this administration. This cluster kcuf of a law needs to be defunded and repealed. It is a giant disaster and it ain't getting better.

Help! Obamacare fell on me!

What IS it with Minnesota?

I mean seriously, why do they get the most ridiculous people to run for office? First Jesse Ventura, a 9/11 truther. Then Al Franken, an unserious and corrupt asshole if I ever saw one. (Found ballot boxes? Really?) And now this yahoo?

I know it's nice to have someone who "says it like it is." But this smacks of carnival barking to me. Shock value is really not all that valuable. I do think a plain spoken candidate is just what we need. But crass and obnoxious is not the same. There has to be, dare I say it, some gravitas. Reagan had it in spades.

Take this clip, plain spoken, easily understood, but weighty nonetheless.

There is no pseudo intellectual gobbledygook in this speech. It's direct, it's well understood and it is plain. It is not shocking. It is not playing to the crowd. It is not dumbed down to appeal to some demographic. And it is one of the most inspirational and well remembered speeches he made.

I am always troubled by what I see as a double whammy in stupidity. First is the low information voter. These are the ones you see on Leno, or various youtube videos out there on exposing the blatant and wanton ignorance of the American people. Ironically, the college campus is a target rich environment for finding the dum.

The second is the stupid pretending to be smart and becoming a talking head. Piers Morgan. Toure. Chris Matthews. Morons with a microphone. The low information voter occasionally collides with the morons with mikes and the end result? Barack Obama is president.

Getting people to read a bumper sticker is easy. Getting them to read Thomas Sowell? That's the uphill battle conservatives constantly have to fight. That's what this blog is hopefully all about. Not just about pointing out the dumb, but providing a (hopefully) clearly written, plain spoken explanation as to why liberalism is stupid.

Because these are the people who are deciding our fate right now:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I don't have any particular connection to 9/11 other than what most people do. No relatives, no friends in the tower. All I do have are my memories of that period of time.

I remember going to work. I was working for a company that had me doing a project at a hospital about an hour away. I remember getting off at that exit and hearing on the news about a plane that hit one of the towers. Figured it was an accident. I got to the project and more and more news kept flooding in.

We watched throughout the day and of course I watched as soon as I got home. There wasn't a channel on that wasn't covering it. No air traffic was going for days. The price of gas went to over $5.00 a gallon. Later there were reports of anthrax at the capital. And every station, tv or radio was nothing but wall to wall coverage of the trade center.

I drank it all in for the first three days just trying to make sense of it all. On the evening of the third day, after listening and talking about it all relentlessly, the radio station I was listening to told the story of restaurant at the top of the tower. I remember driving down the highway listening to it. I don't remember the details other than one cook had left to get some vegetables or something and when he came back, things were already a mess. He couldn't go back up and no one from the restaurant could get down. Everyone perished.

Something got to me finally with that story. I don't know how accurate it was, I did find out later that everyone did indeed perish that was up there. After all the stories, all the images, what caused my reaction? Why this story? Whatever it was, I broke down at that moment. I wept uncontrollably. I couldn't stop for several minutes.

I know about respect for other cultures, I value diversity and all that. But this wasn't culture clash, this wasn't foreign policy comeuppence, this was murder. There is a good and an evil in this world and I realized this simple truth with utter clarity that day.

So every year, on this day, I sit and watch the 9/11 documentary I bought sometime in 2002. It shows the story of a firehouse that two french documentary filmmakers that were doing a film on rookie firefighters. It turned into something else. It reminds me what happened, and what I learned. It reminds me of compassion and resolve. It reminds me not just of what is evil in this world, but what is good. I think that's always a good reminder to have.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Remember, it's Democrats that are helping the poor

So they keep telling us. I would wager that most waiters and waitresses voted for Obama. Probably loved the idea of taxing and fair share and all that crap. They skew younger and probably poorer so I would guess from just simple demographics that we have a pretty democratic voting bloc. So I'm curious what the reaction will be if and when this comes down.

The Internal Revenue Service in 2014 will enforce a new rule that will require restaurants to recognize automatic gratuities added to large parties as taxable wages and not as tips.
This means waiters will no longer be able to take automatic tips home with them and it could also mean the discontinuation of the automatic gratuity.
“This new IRS rule is one more mandate to comply with and one more way to make sure the IRS extracts every possible penny out of hard-working waiters and small business people — the very folks who are suffering most in this weak economy,” Daniel Garza, executive director of the LIBRE Initiative (a right-of-center Hispanic group) said in a statement on the rule.

So the average server goes home with a pile of cash will now have to wait for it on their paycheck. Most of us have to do that so I'm not weeping too much about that change. But that's not the point, is it? If someone chooses a profession that pays daily and that's good for their lifestyle, who the hell is the IRS to tell them they can't do that? 

But worse, let's face it, some people are douchebags. They will go to a restaurant with 20 of their friends, spend 500 dollars and leave a four dollar tip. Some restaurants put the 18% on the tab to protect their workers. Imagine, a private company trying to take care of their employees. And here's the government trying to put an end to that. 

So who's heartless again? The people getting hurt are the very people that need their jobs the most. I wouldn't put a waitresses salary up against a CEO. Or a congressman for that matter. This is what government does. It does not help, it always screws things up.

Carlos Danger has epic battle with Lawrence O'Donnell

To them at least. 

I have two kids. My daughter and my son regularly get into it over matters of earth shattering importance such as who is looking at who, who got more cereal, and who has broken bedroom sovereignty. Typically these arguments are of dire, and I mean DIRE importance to them and annoyance to me. I might once in a while work my way up to bemusement.

This is the same feeling I got watching these two jackholes go at it. Children arguing about cereal. I hope it's Kaboom Cereal.

Baaahh! Nyaaaa! Braaay!

Al Jazeera loses an anchor-babe

She's going back to local news.  My guess is that there's a wider audience than Al Jazeera.

Media Incessantly reports on another hate crime in which an innocent man dies for his skin color

And by incessantly, I mean not at all. 

There is a reason why the MSNBCs, the CBSs, the ABCs, and the New York Times will not report on this. It's simple: They are racists.

They only see people's skin. And they believe that black people do not have to abide by the same standards of behavior as their white counterparts. Therefore, they believe that blacks are different than whites. That a person's skin color defines his ability and excuses his actions.

That is racism, plain and simple. Do not try to tell me it's something else, or give me intellectual bullshit about racial justice. They do not treat blacks as humans. Humans are expected to abide by certain rules of civilized society and the left doesn't believe blacks have to. Therefore, no coverage, no outrage on the Daily Kos, nothing but crickets. Racism for a particular race's perceived benefit is still racism. The outrage is that there is no benefit to the very people the left thinks they are being compassionate to. They are hurting these people and sending their culture into violence, chaos, and murder. No human being deserves to be treated like this, let alone a group.

So the death toll mounts. First the jogger in Oklahoma, then the WWII veteran, now an innocent retiree who took care of his mom. Blood is on the left's hands. As it always has been throughout history.

Daily Clownshow endorses Carlos Danger

Seriously?  No not really.

I do enjoy the double-entendres though.

Mr. Weiner is not without stiff competition.

Mr. Weiner is not one to go down.

 Got to enjoy the downfall of one of the more despicable political characters to come down the pike in a long time.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Playing Ketchup

I am always struck by how little people understand economics. Especially by how absurdly simply yet extremely interconnected everything is. I'm pretty sure your standard issue libtard thinks company's are there to provide jobs, spit out their product, and do it without any profit whatsoever. Every company should just break even. And CEO's should be paid the same as the secretary.

The worst misnomer I hear is always that somehow these companies are there because of the government. Remember "You didn't build that?" This is downright disgusting.

Let's take a look at one product:

Now tell me what you see. How much economic activity is in this one little bottle of ketchup? Tomatoes from the farmer. Ingredients from other sources. Plastic and glass companies supply the bottle makers who in turn supply the bottles. The paper and ink and sticky glue for the label. Trucks to distribute the bottles. Stores who make money from selling the ketchup. How about the marketing people who design the labels? TV and studios who produce the commercials? The companies who produce the machines to fill the thousands of bottles. 

How about insurance companies to make sure the company has work comp/health insurance/etc? The myriad of employees who do sales, manage accounts, HR, IT? The various companies who do work for Heinz for everything from repairing their IT equipment to providing them with phone and data lines? More trucks to deliver means more gas being sold, helping the gas station. Those drivers get paid and they in turn are buying various products. 

I can go on like this. One lousy bottle of ketchup creates so much ongoing economic activity, it's staggering. Now put that thought exercise to a company like Wal-Mart. 

But all of this can be quickly curtailed or undone by a government that creates too many regulations, and forces too many taxes. And unfortunately libtards, the government regulations and taxes have become insane. So the liberals who hate the giant multi-national conglomerates and rail incessantly that there's no way for a small company to compete, well blame yourselves. Because trying to create a business that abides by all the regulations requires an insane amount of capital now. The only companies that can continue are the giant multi-nationals you say you hate. 

The next time you you hold a bottle of ketchup in your hand, or any product for that matter, try and think of all the jobs, direct and indirect, are created just because you and many others bought it. Your cheeseburger will taste better.

Why so Syria?

So I've been kicking around this Syrian thing in my head for a while now. I've come up with two conclusions:

  1. Assad can't just be allowed to gas his people. 
  2. Barack Obama is incompetent.

So that's the pickle, ain't it? When we went into Iraq, we had credible intelligence he had WMD, not the least of which were the mass graves of Kurds. If nothing else went right in Iraq, at the very least we have the humanitarian victory of knowing there are no more gassings of his people, no more rape rooms, no more brutal dictator hurting his own people.

People are all over the board on this one, people I like and respect have varying points of view. I do know Bush went to the UN. He went to congress. UN Resolution 1441 was a cease fire, not a cessation of hostilities which Saddam violated. So military action was legal and permissible. Moral? Best course of action? Tough call in hindsight.

Now we have Assad in Syria gassing his own people. But there isn't a 9/11 with Al-Queda being supplied by Saddam. (I know Saddam didn't cause 9/11. But he gave aid and comfort to Al-Queda.) Assad may be backed by Iran but a direct threat to the United States? Well what about when Clinton went into Kosovo? They weren't a direct threat either.

But who are we helping? Muslim Brotherhood might take power and we saw how well that worked in Egypt.

In the end I don't see how this president would do anything but make things worse. I don't believe in his competence in foreign affairs. Benghazi anyone?

Man Pays $7,143 in taxes by check one-dollar bills.


The notion that I constantly hear is that somehow the government is owed this money. Paying taxes somehow goes right to poor people. Education is always clean and pure as the wind driven snow and every dime we spend is spent wisely. Whenever we talk about cuts, it's always police, firefighters, and teachers. Our entire government is apparently made up of nothing but police, firefighters, and teachers. There's absolutely nothing that can be cut. No middle managers, no redundant crap, no fraud.

What was the biggest private company fraud in the history of the nation? Any guesses? If you said Enron, you are correct. 11 billion dollars in wealth wiped out in one day. Not an insignificant sum, I grant you. And people did get hurt. I do not want to minimize the Enron debacle. But it's over now. It was a one time deal.

And yet... you could not turn on the Golf channel without hearing about Enron. The press and the left seized on this as typical capitalist behavior. Because that's the message they wanted out there: Capitalism and private companies will screw you. Never mind it's not typical, it's actually quite unusual.

Now watch this story:


This IS typical. And as you see, this is a yearly problem. And it's over 60 billion a year. Billion with a B. Add in Medicaid and the total comes to over 90 billion. Per year. So if you just go by math, you would think there would be about 6 times the new coverage on this? This story came out in 2010 and I'm willing to bet you didn't know about it.

And how much was the sequester? How much was cut back? For 2013, 84.5 billion. Cleaning up the fraud would've paid for that, huh?

Now more gets cut as time goes by. After watching the 60 Minutes story, are you really shedding tears?

Oh by the way, if you think this sequester is really going to continue to cut spending without anyone figuring a way around it and starting the spending spree again, you really are an idiot leftist. But I repeat myself.