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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The way to a man's heart is between two slices of bread

Credit to Ace and Mediaite. This woman has created a site called Man told his girl if she made him 300 sandwiches he'd marry her. So she's making them for him. Cause she loves him. He is also happy. 

“No matter what’s on the menu, Eric smiles and says thank you,” Smith concluded in her revealing article. “He’s just happy I cook for him at all.” 
She seems happy too.

They look pretty happy.
Where's my chips, bitch?

Well that's a problem for the Church of the Perpetually Outraged. Mother Superior Amanda Marcotte got out her twitter yardstick and smacked their hands for daring to engage in some sort of non-state sanctioned, politically incorrect happiness.

You know, Amanda, you don't have to go with this guy. And neither does she. She has her own choice. She made it in accordance to what makes her happy. And he loves her sandwiches and that makes him happy. Two people finding each other in this world is hard enough. Finding someone that makes you happy and that you can make them happy too? Well take it from someone who knows, it's a freaking miracle. But no, little miss tolerance and diversity, it has to be done YOUR way or no way. 

See we conservatives don't really want the 1950's to come back. We really do like our women with opinions, ambition and a brain. We have no desire to keep them in the kitchen. But we don't look down on the women who choose to be in the kitchen, unlike yourself. Why don't you take your holier than thou bullshit and .... 

Ah, what's the point. Perpetually unhappy people never can take a hint.

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