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Friday, September 13, 2013

What IS it with Minnesota?

I mean seriously, why do they get the most ridiculous people to run for office? First Jesse Ventura, a 9/11 truther. Then Al Franken, an unserious and corrupt asshole if I ever saw one. (Found ballot boxes? Really?) And now this yahoo?

I know it's nice to have someone who "says it like it is." But this smacks of carnival barking to me. Shock value is really not all that valuable. I do think a plain spoken candidate is just what we need. But crass and obnoxious is not the same. There has to be, dare I say it, some gravitas. Reagan had it in spades.

Take this clip, plain spoken, easily understood, but weighty nonetheless.

There is no pseudo intellectual gobbledygook in this speech. It's direct, it's well understood and it is plain. It is not shocking. It is not playing to the crowd. It is not dumbed down to appeal to some demographic. And it is one of the most inspirational and well remembered speeches he made.

I am always troubled by what I see as a double whammy in stupidity. First is the low information voter. These are the ones you see on Leno, or various youtube videos out there on exposing the blatant and wanton ignorance of the American people. Ironically, the college campus is a target rich environment for finding the dum.

The second is the stupid pretending to be smart and becoming a talking head. Piers Morgan. Toure. Chris Matthews. Morons with a microphone. The low information voter occasionally collides with the morons with mikes and the end result? Barack Obama is president.

Getting people to read a bumper sticker is easy. Getting them to read Thomas Sowell? That's the uphill battle conservatives constantly have to fight. That's what this blog is hopefully all about. Not just about pointing out the dumb, but providing a (hopefully) clearly written, plain spoken explanation as to why liberalism is stupid.

Because these are the people who are deciding our fate right now:

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