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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Low Oil Prices Are Good For America and Bad for America's Enemies. Naturally Obama Wants to Stop It

Venezuela is in free fall.

Russian Ruble is bottoming out.

Opec refusing to cut production even though they are losing money.

USA is stronger than ever. All of these are good things. So naturally Obama wants to stop it.
According to the Institute for Energy Research, “Nearly every barrel of new U.S. oil production can be attributed to the use of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies.” The Left hates fracking and would love, if it could, to hamstring it.

The Obama administration is pushing new regulations on everything from coal-fired power plants to, perhaps soon, methane. If it had its way, it would impose a tax on carbon, and it wants to lead the world in restricting the use of fossil fuels in the name of combating climate change.

The assumption of the administration has always been that fossil fuels represent the past, when they are, in reality, powering the American economy into the future. “Drill, baby, drill” indeed.
Enemies of America have power over us because they have Oil. Oh wait, I should put that sentence in the past tense, because now we have oil. And we are throwing the markets into a tizzy and makes the U.S. strong. Our consumers, especially the poor and middle class (which the liberals say they love so much) have a lot of financial pressure removed. Oh the dollar is also a lot stronger now since economies and currencies built solely on oil are now in free fall.

Sure, you got to feel sorry for the terrorist that can only afford a firecracker vest. The IED's are now those confetti bombs you get at Wal-Mart but sacrifices must be made. I can live with that. Too bad the left can't live with America doing well.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh Jonathan Gruber. You Are the Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Ah Gruber. We should be thankful for him, there's more truth coming out of his mouth than all of the Obama administration: (Emphasis Mine)
Gruber said that Obamacare had no cost controls in it and would not be affordable in an October 2009 policy brief, presented here exclusively by TheDC. At the time, Gruber had already personally counseled Obama in the Oval Office and served on Obama’s presidential transition team. Obama, meanwhile, told the American people that their premiums would go down dramatically.

“The problem is it starts to go hand in hand with the mandate; you can’t mandate insurance that’s not affordable. This is going to be a major issue,” Gruber admitted in an October 2, 2009 lecture, the transcript of which comprised the policy brief.

“So what’s different this time? Why are we closer than we’ve ever been before? Because there are no cost controls in these proposals. Because this bill’s about coverage. Which is good! Why should we hold 48 million uninsured people hostage to the fact that we don’t yet know how to control costs in a politically acceptable way? Let’s get the people covered and then let’s do cost control.”

Gruber also said that the only way to control costs is to effectively deny treatment.
Anyone want to poo-poo the death panels still?

Monday, December 29, 2014

#Podcast -- Update

Well Jim and I will be recording tomorrow and I should have it up sometime this week. I will be moving all the old podcast episodes over to Podbean over time and I'll also be re-doing ITunes. I've already re-done Stitcher's feed. I appreciate all your support and keep listening!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#Podcast? Episode 24: South Park and Sausage

So I think this works but if not, I'm making changes. Apparently DropBox is a little irritated about me hosting a podcast.I think this episode works but I'm getting a new hosting service. Should be better in the long run. The reason I have to move it is thanks to all of you who are apparently listening! I overloaded the Dropbox.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Bill DeBlasio to Press: Quit Dividing People!

Seriously, that's what he said today:

I made twitchy with this tweet during the press conference so I felt obligated to expound.

DeBlasio has been race-baiting and politicing with the worst of them and yet now that his words actually resulted in death, i.e. two NYPD officers gunned down in their car, he seems to think he has no share in the responsibility.

No it's the PRESS that's dividing people. Not me! Vote for me in the next election! DeBlasio! I don't divide if there's a chance I can be blamed for something!

Enough! Blacks, it's time to take responsibility for your actions. The blaming and race-baiting is getting us nowhere. You're being used by race-hustlers and politicians. Selma is over. You won. Now take that American dream. You'll need an education like the rest of us, and you have to keep your nose clean. Do that, you won't have any more problems than the rest of us have.

Yes, it's really as simple as that.

Redefining Courage

First off I know everyone's waiting with baited breath for the new podcast. It's coming later today.

Second, let's stop with all the "brave" celebrity types. A while back I did a post how the fawning press said a pro-football player and his pregnant wife doing a photo shoot (from which they got paid handsomely) were "brave" for "embracing their body image."

Enough. George Clooney (of all people) took a petition up to make sure the movie "The Interview" was shown in spite of the North Korean death threats. He got not one signature.

Look I'm done with it. Doing a movie on Jackie Robinson or Selma is not "brave." Big whoop. Good movies I'm certain. But no longer important or at least no more important than your average history book.

Hollywood keeps popping this tripe down our throats. Look at how bad and how shameful America was. Look at how far we have to go or some such thing. Whites are so racist. Whatever. This is what passes for having some balls in Hollywood: making a movie about something that everyone agrees was and is wrong.

How about some real bravery? Here was your chance, show the movie and give North Korea the finger. Look I get not wanting to chance getting people hurt over a movie but there were all kinds of ways to embarrass North Korea. Press conferences calling them weasel's and cowards who can't handle the least bit of criticism. Throw it out on legal torrent or streaming sites. Something, ANYTHING that actually shows you think this is bad and North Korean dictators are evil.

Yeah, how about making an actual judgement on actual evil? Stand up and say it? Clooney did, that's one out of how many?

Two blacks got killed by cops. Oh it's so easy based on past wrongs to continue race baiting. Do minorities face racism still today? Yeah sure. Easy to say. You want to stand up and say something brave? How much of the racism minorities face is from other minorities? Way more than whites.

Committing crimes is surest way to having something tragic happen with the cops. How about a "brave" movie showing consequences of black crime? No? Oh another Selma movie? Ok you brave Holllywood types.

Here was your fucking chance to show how brave you are. I'm not seeing another movie about the civil right's march anymore. I'm done. I will only see movies that show people benefiting from freedom and taking consequences for their actions. You're entire goddamn livelihood is built on free speech. Stand up for it, for Christ sake.

Taking potshots at conservatives isn't brave. If you think oppression is a right-winger raising an eyebrow in disapproval, you are a coward. Go to hell.

Oh you re-made "Annie" but switched the races? Not brave, not even interesting. How about a movie depicting Cuba as the hellhole it really is? How about a movie like "Inglorious Basterds" except instead of the fantasy of Hitler getting killed, how about Kim Jung Un?

Oh right, we did that. You pulled it at the first sign of trouble. Pussies.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Low Oil Prices = Destruction of Evil

The ruble lost 2.5 percent to 66.0985 against the dollar as of 12:53 p.m., reversing an early gain prompted by the news. 
The announcement, as well as its timing, underscored the financial straits in which Russia now finds itself. If sustained, the new higher rates would squeeze an economy that is already being hurt by sanctions led by the U.S. and European Union, and by a collapse in oil prices. Some analysts said they doubted the economy could withstand such high rates for long.
One of the methods Reagan used to destroy the Soviet Union was to collude with Opec into dropping the oil prices. Anyone remember this from the 1980s?

It wasn't just because the market was dropping. It was Reagan's energy policy which was as much foreign policy as economic policy. Low oil prices hurt Russia as well as terrorists countries. The difference today is it isn't a government edict... it's the market. US supplies are driving the price down. This is good for weakening these countries that are bent on being our enemy. Can't bankroll terrorism if there's no money. Can't invade countries if you can't afford your army. 




Monday, December 15, 2014

Green Cars? Get a Hummer If You Really Care About Earth

Well ok, maybe not a Hummer. But pretty close:
People who own all-electric cars where coal generates the power may think they are helping the environment. But a new study finds their vehicles actually make the air dirtier, worsening global warming. 
Ethanol isn't so green, either. 
"It's kind of hard to beat gasoline" for public and environmental health, said study co-author Julian Marshall, an engineering professor at the University of Minnesota. "A lot of the technologies that we think of as being clean ... are not better than gasoline."
In other words, cheap gas will be better for the environment in the long run, since people will not want the premium cost for hybrids and electrics if gas is going to be under $2.00. And since it's apparent electric cars are bad for the planet, Cheap gas = Cleaner earth.

It's pure science! And Math. And other stuff.

#podcast Episode 23: Torture, Tammy, Twitter, and Facism!

Well here it is, another day, another podcast. We go over the bogus CIA torture memo, read some tweets, talk about the movie Tammy for unknown reasons, discuss how excess laws lead to fascism. Harvard students are all apparently pussies. Lena Dunham still exists unfortunately. Gas prices keep falling. Weather reports. Proper thermostat operation eludes Mark's family. It's all weird.

We are working on one more this week and will skip next week due to holidays. Enjoy!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

#Podcast Episode 22: Scandals and Star Wars!

We talk about the multitude of Obama scandals and Mark has a theory on why there are so many. We talk about the phony outrage about a black stormtrooper in the new Star Wars trailer, Ferguson, and random crap. Enjoy!

**Update** Apparently there was an issue with the link expiring on dropbox which it shouldn't do. I redid the feed but it may take an hour before it comes back to stitcher. Should be fixed by 2:00pm CST today at the latest..

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I've Run Out Of Synonyms to The Word "Pathetic" But Fortunately YouTube Invents a New One

And here it is:

Thanks Internet for increasing my word power! There's 4 guys in Benghazi who can't stand up for Hilary. I'm sure they would if they could but really, what difference does it make?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Progressive Income Tax System Explained

I mentioned this on the podcast but I wanted to embed:

I recommend looking at others from Prager University as well. Good stuff. Give them to your liberal friends. 

Wait, liberals don't have any friends, no one likes them.

Obama Logic: 2+2=Racism

So let's look at the events and Obama's conclusion.

  1. Michael Brown strong arms a convenience store clerk and robs him in broad daylight.
  2. He walks in the middle of the street and ignores Office Wilson's order to get out of the street.
  3. Forensic evidence and consistent witness testimony say Brown rushes Wilson, attacks him and attempts to take his gun, resulting in his getting shot and killed.
  4. A grand jury reaches the same conclusion and wisely decides not prosecute him. No one broke the law or acted inappropriately EXCEPT Michael Brown.
  5. Despite the facts, Ferguson residents and outside rabble rousers decide to riot and destroy innocent people's businesses.
Conclusion by Obama? Draw up a 4 point plan for the police and how they should act. Nothing in the plan on how people should not rush police, break laws, rob shops, burn down businesses, or even suggest that maybe they should at least look at the facts.

Of course. Of course. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

This Needs to Get In My Eyeballs Right Now. #StarWars

Well, what can I say? Tell me you 40-50 year olds didn't squirt a tear or two when the Millennium Falcon screamed onto the screen.

#Podcast Episode 21: More Ferguson, More Meandering

We discuss Ferguson, a little of the election, and just let the ADD takeover. Greatest or worst episode ever.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Going To Go Do a Little Undocumented Shopping in #Ferguson This Black Friday! (Can I say Black?)

Lots of Ferguson News.

Dozens arrested considered a much better night on NBC.
At least 44 people were arrested as protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, for a second night over the Michael Brown case, police said early Wednesday. 
Two guns and a Molotov cocktail were seized while rocks, broken tent poles and bottles were hurled at officers, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. Windows were broken at City Hall and tear gas was deployed nearby. However, there was no repeat of the widespread shooting, looting and arsons the wracked the St. Louis suburb overnight Monday.
Darren Wilson and his wife are expecting a baby. Predictably people react maturely. 

Since we are protesting, let's toss in some other shit and save time.
The H Street Walmart in Washington, D.C., got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday night when dozens of Ferguson protesters took a detour from their march around the nation’s capital to march through the store. 
Thousands of protesters made their way through Northwest D.C., starting at 7 p.m. with rally at Mount Vernon Square and ending on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. Their long, looping route—upward of two miles—took them past one of the district’s newly opened Walmart Supercenters. As the protesters marched south along First Street toward the store, they began chanting “Shut Walmart down!” Then, while the bulk of the protest turned right to head down H Street toward Chinatown, a few dozen participants headed for Walmart’s big sliding doors.
You know. Cause of Michael Brown and stuff. Wonder what you're going to loot if you shut the Wally World down.

Of course we are doing this to protect the people. Even if we have to deny them access to medical care. Maybe we can arrest them for defying Obamacare?
In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday morning by LaughingAtLiberals, Portland protesters actually come to blows with one another as they debate blocking a road with their bodies — even as some cars they’re blocking apparently contain people needing medical care. 
“Let him through, he’s got to go to the hospital!” a protestor can be heard shouting, parting the crowd briefly.
Of course the paper of record decided to reveal Wilson's home address. Here they are:

Monday, November 24, 2014

#Podcast Episode 20: Cosby, Immigration, Big Hero Six

20 episodes? How is that possible? We get into immigration, a little about the Chadderbox and whether or not we should try to go live, Bill Cosby and the death of an icon, and finally wrap it up with possibly the most politically incorrect review of Big Hero 6 ever.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#Podcast News: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

So we did a part one which I will put up in the next day or so. However one of our microphones bit the dust. Unless you guys like horrible buzzing. Which I don't think you do. So I have one on order and we'll get back to normal hopefully next week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So We Lied. Obamacare is Still Teh Awesum.

It's Awesome.

Yur Stupid.

It doesn't matter, bro.

Obamacare relied on obfuscation and the architects believe people are stupid. Anyone on our side surprised at all? Bueller?

h/t to Ace. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

So Why Isn't This Getting More Play?

Police in Florida arrested two pastors and a 90-year-old man who were feeding the homeless, saying they violated a new ordinance in Fort Lauderdale that essentially bans public food sharing.

South Florida television station WPLG ( ) reports homeless advocate Arnold Abbott and ministers Dwayne Black and Mark Sims were arrested Sunday. They face up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.
Now how does this happen? How does this ridiculous law get passed? Because only the government can take care of the homeless.

The Lefties big bag of tricks is to accuse conservatives of being heartless assholes only for the rich. While we don't see any reason to screw the rich, what we really want is everyone to be rich. We don't want there to be poor. But they are there. So we have charities. Churches, Salvation Army, and so on. These are people making their own choice to try to do good in society. This attitude is healthy in a society. Self starting people who have extra time, who have been successful and who need no law or regulation to be motivated to help.

The lefty viewpoint is lazy. Just force charity through my taxes and leave me alone. Also it's a bigoted reaction towards rich people, as if rich people keep all their money in mattresses or something.

So now we have a government that not only gets into the charity business (and we can chronicle how badly they do that) but is forbidding the citizenry from helping on their own. This is as terrible as it gets, people. If we are stopped from feeding the homeless, if we are stopped from doing charity on our own, the attitude of the society as a whole will get ever more selfish. We've seen it already, the limousine liberals. Now we can't even perform charity on our own?

The poor will be even more worse off with the only avenue of charity being the government. The people will be less willing to give, because what's the point? More taxes being taken. And 90 year olds and pastors get put in jail.

I know it's small now. It always starts small. But this is bad. This is the fundamental transformation Obama wanted. No one cares. Monolithic government takes care of everyone. No one is happy anymore.

Watch Brazil if you want to see where that leads to.

Lena Dumbham

Taki had an interesting article this weekend. Turn out "Girls" creator Lena Dunham is apparently a sexual predator, at least when it came to her sister.
Since I was born on the wrong side of the tracks and then booted out of the house in my teens onto the tracks and forced to start running lest I get hit by a train, the fact that she was born into insane levels of wealth yet can’t shut the fuck up about being “oppressed” makes me wish that she would accidentally overdose on painkillers and wake up to find herself stewing in a cannibal’s pot somewhere in Swaziland where there is no iPhone coverage.
I tried watching her show and within 5 minutes, I wanted personally hit every character in the face with a shovel. It is the lowest form of liberal hypocrisy: vain, stupid people with too much money thinking they are somehow oppressed. However Lena is an oppressor, as we find out in her own book.
In one passage from the book, Dunham describes an incident when she was seven and used her fingers to peel open one-year-old Grace’s vagina, only to find that the mischievous little sprout had hidden pebbles inside of it. Dunham claims that her mother didn’t blink at the fact that she was spreading open her younger sibling’s vadge because it “was within the spectrum of things that I did.” (Then again, her mom is an “artist” whose “work” consists of such things as photos of a nude mannequin with a dog, while her dad was known for painting giant hairy vaginas.)
Dunham continues about her not-at-all-rapey relationship with her younger sister:
As she grew, I took to bribing her for her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.” Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.
Charming. She's just but one of many women who are falling out favor with actual women who actually keep their brains in their heads instead of their va-jay-jays.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We're Back, Bitches! #podcast

Yup, the podcast is back! We talk about what's going on in our lives and give our reactions to the elections! Hint: It's not as positive as you might think.

Ineffectual Sad Sacks Sweep Election!

Which of course is much better than the country destroyers we had. 
Voters handed control of the Senate to Republicans for the first time in eight years on Tuesday, putting the GOP in charge of Congress for the remainder of President Obama's term.  
Republicans swept to victory in a string of contests across the country, retaining every one of the GOP-held seats up for grabs and picking up more than the six seats needed to take control of the Senate. Republicans enjoyed a banner night after mounting campaigns from coast to coast that, almost without exception, sought to cast their opponents as rubber stamps for the unpopular president. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who fended off a Democratic challenge in Kentucky, is now poised to ascend to majority leader next year.  
Republicans also are projected to retain control of the House -- and gain at least 12 seats, expanding their majority beyond their post-World War II record of 246 seats set in 1946. 
Well that's awesome. I'm sure they will say "We don't care what you think" to the press, democrats, elite actors, and professional pot-stirrers like Al Sharpton. I'm sure they'll grow a sack and start passing reform legislation, even though Obama will veto it, and let the dems stand on those records.

I'm sure. Really. It will happen.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Every Time They Lose, The Left Throws Tantrums

This one is new.
There’s an obvious, simple fix, though. The government should, through a constitutional amendment, extend the term of House members to four years and adjust the term of senators to either four or eight years, so that all elected federal officials would be chosen during presidential election years. Doing so would relieve some (though, of course, not all) of the systemic gridlock afflicting the federal government and provide members of Congress with the ability to focus more time and energy on governance instead of electioneering.
So let's just get rid of the mid-terms. Cause sometimes we lose. Wanna take a guess on how many of those stories we had back in 2006? These idiots are so short-sighted and that's why we are in the various economic pickles we are in.  


Liberals are tyrants and fascists. Deal with it.
A California man dressed as a Fox News reporter was violently assaulted in the left-wing haven of Santa Cruz, California during the annual Halloween parade this weekend.  
A 29-year-old man, Scott Kory, allegedly shouted "I hate Fox News!" before grabbing the victim's microphone, making an obscene gesture with it, and beating him with an aluminum tennis racket. 

Remember, Only Obama has Received Criticism Never Before Seen

Remember when people wrote stupid shit like this?
When people criticize Administration policy, that’s just politics.  But several incidents directed at this President appear to find new lows.  Of course, people can disagree with the President. But, why can’t people respect the Office of the Presidency?
Of course she doesn't remember the stuff Bush was subjected to, including a movie outlining the assassination of President Bush. These weasels claim Obama's criticism is unprecedented.

Except for every Republican that has ever run in the past 20 years.
Democrat Mary Burke released a new ad Friday accusing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) of using a Republican county chairman's "lies to attack" her. The ad includes images of swastikas, it says, the county chair posted to his Facebook page.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Coburn Wastebook is Out. Excuse Me While I Take a Lot Of Pills.

The new waste book is out! As has become a yearly tradition, I have the list here so you can keep your dinner down! Also my comments on each. Enjoy and try not to kill yourself.

Oh and Liberals, about that complaining about the rich paying their fair share and having no money for programs?

Fuck. You.

  1. Paid Vacations for Bureaucrats Gone Wild – Show us your bewbs!
  2. Swedish Massages for Rascally Rabbits – Rabbits need foreplay now. 
  3. Army Creates Free First-Person Shooter the Intelligence Community Worries Could Train Terrorists—Didn't Call of Duty already do this?
  4. Mountain Lions on a Treadmill—Much like Shrimp on a Treadmill, this has grave consequences for mankind. We’ll need 80 million more to tell what those are.
  5. Anti-Terror Grant Buys State-of-the-Art SWAT Equipment for Safest Small Town in America – Well how do you think it got so safe? Armed to the gills, that’s how!
  6. OPM Pays Contractor To “Flush” Security Clearance Investigations “like a dead goldfish” – Can we flush congress?
  7. Spouses Stab Voodoo Dolls More Often When “Hangry”, Study Reveals – Another study costing 2 million to find out if “Hangry” is a word.
  8. Scientists Hope Gambling Monkeys Unlock Secrets of Free Will — I bet it will cost a lot of money. 
  9. Subsidies for Sports Stadiums Leave Taxpayers Holding the Bill – When you need a place to get together with 50,000 people to get drunk and belligerent, you can’t expect to pay for it.
  10. Teen Zombie Sings, Tries to Get a Date to the Dance – Well of course we need Zombie outreach. Staving off the apocalypse is government’s number 1 job.
  11. Watching Grass Grow – and money shrink.
  12. NIH Asks if Moms Love Dogs as Much as Kids – Answer: No one likes their kids.
  13. Taxpayers Help NY Brewery Build Beer Farm – Now I have to admit to supporting beer farm subsidies. Please put one in my back yard.
  14. Colorado Orchestra Targets Youth with Stoner Symphony – Also known as the “Grateful Dead.”
  15. U.S. Coast Guard Party Patrols – So when they find one, is the alert system? Tornado, hurricane, and party alerts?
  16. Chronicling Vermont’s Radical Hippie Movement in the 1970’s – The 60’s came. Things started to smell. People hosed off by the 80’s. The end.
  17. USDA’s “Perfect Poop Pak” Smells Like Government Waste – I got nothing.
  18. Synchronized Swimming for Sea Monkeys – How about making them look like they do in the comic book ads? Such a rip-off.
  19. Penn State Shame Study Asks How To Boost Morale After Scandal – No word on a shame study for congressman.
  20. Promoting U.S. Culture Around the Globe with Nose Flutists, State Department Idol – Cause when you think of American Culture, you think “Nose Flutists.”
  21. Free “High-End” Gym Memberships for DHS Bureaucrats – And yet they are so fat. 
  22. Golf Testing, Elementary School Experiments Aboard the International Space Station – Is that a Par 3,000,000 or 4,000,000?
  23. NASA’s Tower of Pork Protected by Politician – I wouldn't be so mad if NASA actually WENT INTO FUCKING SPACE AGAIN.
  24. Congress Blocks Closure of Unneeded “Sheep Station” – This is b-a-a-a-d.
  25. Spray Parks and “Splashpads” Help Beat The Summer Heat – Sounds like a feminine hygiene product.
  26. Roosevelt and Elvis Make a Hallucinatory Pilgrimage to Graceland – My paycheck is becoming a hallucination.
  27. New Bridge Demolished for Using $3,271 Worth of Canadian Steel – Well you can’t put a price on a cool implosion.
  28. Exploding Claims of “Sleep Apnea” Threaten to Bankrupt VA Disability Program – If they were actually exploding during sleep, that would be something. 
  29. Pentagon to Spend $1 Billion to Destroy $16 Billion in Unneeded Ammunition – I bet I know a bunch of hillbillies that would've done it for free.
  30. NASA Wonders How Humans Will React to Meeting Space Aliens – I know: “HOLY FUCK!” Now give me money.
  31. Bruce Lee Dance Play Panned As Promoting Racial Stereotypes  -- Cause if he doesn't act like a bland white person, it’s RAAACISM. (Now with your tax dollars!)
  32. Road through “Ghost Mall” Hopes to Scare Up Business – Cause I’ll go way out of my way if the pavement is smooth.
  33. Postal Service Pays Thousands to Ship Soda to Alaska for Hundreds – At least they already have the ice.
  34. Taxpayers Sing the Blues for the Grammy’s Museum – A museum no one will ever actually visit.
  35. Voicemails From the Future Warn of Post Apocalyptic World - Didn't we address this? Also, can’t we just answer the goddamn phone if it’s from the future? Must we screen everything?
  36. The Funny Ways Government Wastes Your Money: Laughing Classes – Just read this list. You’ll laugh. Or cry. 
  37. FAA Upgrades Low-Traffic Airport Serving High-End Ski Resort – Well we can’t have another national Sonny Bono/John Denver tragedy again. Our country’s long nightmare is over. 
  38. FEMA Overlooks Flood Victims, Rebuilds Golf Course Instead – Government always helps the poor, though, don’t they? Oh right, President 3Putt needed it.
  39. Disney Polynesian Resort Gets Makeover – Doesn't Disney already have all the money thanks to Star Wars and Marvel movies? 
  40. Space Agency Hunts for the Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan – KHAAAAAAAAANNNN! 
  41. Abandoned Pennsylvania Mall Wants to be the East Coast Hollywood – As if the coasts are insufferable enough. Well Senators are getting tired of the long military commandeered flights to the west coast to attend lavish premiers. Time to move them closer.
  42. Wineries Get Help Selling Beer, Chile-Infused Wine – What about Chili-cheese-fries infused Wine?
  43. Roaches, Mice, and Feces in Public Housing Funded by Uncle Sam, Slum Lord – Government cares about poor people, dammit! 
  44. DHS Buys Too Many Cars and Lets Them Sit Underused – Jeez. At least race them in the parking lot.
  45. Costs Skyrocket for “Birds in Space” Replica – The original “Birds in Space” was real expensive so cut em a break on this one.
  46. DOD Tries to Build Real-Life “Iron Man” Suit – Ok that’s cool. Except it turned out like Sam Rockwell’s in Iron Man 2. 
  47. 47. Drug Enforcement Administration Celebrates Itself With Own Museum – Aren't you supposed to stop drugs from streaming in? What’s in the museum, self-importance?
  48. Missile Defense Misses the Target – Hit a defenseless Wal-Mart instead.
  49. Virgin Island Ferries Sit Unused for Nearly a Year – Of course. No one wants to be a virgin fairy. Wait, is this something different?
  50. Jonas Bonus: Rich and Famous Rent Out Their Pads Tax Free – Well if you give that money to the government they’ll just waste it on about 99 different ridiculous things.
  51. State Department Tweets @ Terrorists – Sadly, their strategy is if anyone tweets back, they bomb them.
  52. Border Patrol Builds Over-Priced Houses for Temporary Workers – Wonder if the yards are fenced. 
  53. NASA Goes to Comic-Con, Explores the Marvel Universe – Hey NASA, little tip. Movies aren't real.
  54. Army Corps Buildings in Afghanistan Keep Burning to the Ground – The pigs succeeded with a brick house. Maybe give that a try.
  55. Airport Tree-Trimming Project Turns into 27-Hole Golf Course Renovation – They trimmed the SHIT out of those trees.
  56. Earmark-Funded High-Speed Ferry Sinks Alaska Community – Um. What?
  57. The Selling of an Airport to Nowhere -- Nevermind the fucker was built in the first place.
  58. NASA Study Predicts the Collapse of Human Civilization – I thought the bureau of Zombie Apocalypses already covered that.
  59. Facebook for Fossil Enthusiasts – Christ, isn't Facebook free?
  60. Gamers Tune in to Radio Show About Video Game Music – Not video games, video game MUSIC. 
  61. Two Dozen Teachers Travel to Germany for Classes on Bach, Baroque Dancing Lessons – If it ain't Baroque, don’t spend it. 
  62. Funding to Reduce Road Crashes Used to Restore Non-Working Lighthouse – Well now the cars can see the shore before they drive into it. I’m sure that’s the reason.
  63. “Gateway to Blues” Museum Funded Over Deteriorating Bridges – How about a museum to show when we had highways and safe bridges?
  64. Study Shows How Buddhism Explains the Science of Meditation – Science of meditation is apparently NOT settled.
  65. “Get Fruved:” Social Media Campaign Featuring Students Dressed as Fruits and Vegetables – Get me a giant blender.
  66. USDA Holds Contest to Build Wooden Skyscraper – Just a matter of time before terrorist run wooden planes into it.
  67. Social Security IT Project Wastes Hundreds of Millions – Hiring the same people who did the Obamacare website maybe wasn't the brightest idea.
  68. Feds Waste Millions Trying to Convince Afghans to Grow Soybeans They Won’t Eat – Tell em it’s opium.
  69. Corporate Welfare for Mega Farmers – MegaFarmers are always trying to stop the Autobots.
  70. Snowmobile Race Part of NSF Zero Emissions Challenge – Maybe don’t actually start up the friggin snowmobiles.
  71. Unwanted, Unneeded and Unused Ice House – Are there wanted, needed, and used Ice Houses anymore? Bet they don’t need tax money then.
  72. Virtual Food Fight Smartphone Game – Real Food Fight Dumb Congressman Game, let’s set a date, bring our tomatoes, and meet at the capitol building. Bring bail money.
  73. Prescription for Higher Medicare Bills – I know! Spend Tax Money.
  74. Boutique Hotel Offers Luxury Spa Services, Afternoon Tea, and Upscale Nightcaps – All this makes me remember that I’m paying a missed tax bill every month. Bastards.
  75. Transportation Dollars Fund Media Campaign to Raise Austin Taxes – Wait, you need taxes to get more taxes? WTF?
  76. NASA Loses Hundreds of Electronic Devices Each Month – It’s using the Hubble to find them that’s the real expense.
  77. Huge EPA Warehouse for Paper Reports Thwarts Recycling Efforts – Might I suggest fire?
  78. Food Stamps Get Traded for Cash and Drugs, Go to People Who Hide Their Income – GOVERNMENT HELPS THE POOR GODDAMMIT! STOP QUESTIONING US!!!
  79. DOD Pays 16 Times the Going Price for Helicopter – I bet the salesman gave them the rustproofing package at least.
  80. Injured ICE Employees Cleared to Work, Stay on Workers Comp Instead – There was therapy involved. And lots of band-aids. Leave him alone.
  81. DOD Sends 16 Planes to the Scrap Heap for $32,000 – Can’t we just crash em for less? Bet it’s more entertaining.
  82. Unbuilt Eisenhower Memorial Burning Through Cash – Remember, it sucks cash and it’s not even fucking BUILT yet. What will happen when it is? Will it be like Skynet?
  83. Butterfly Farm Flies Away with Federal Funds – Pretty!
  84. Transit Security Grant for “Feel Good” Ads That Promote Local Tax Increase – Christ, we’ll take your money and make you feel good about it. How about you just buy me a 3.00 tube of lube instead?
  85. Identity Thieves Steal Billions Each Year with Bogus Tax Returns – And yet the IRS seems to be well aware of the identities of conservatives and their organizations. 
  86. Feds Study Science Festival Attendance
  87. Five Decades of Controversy for Beleaguered Government Program – It is the will of Landrew.
  88. Navy Sends Hundreds of Magazines to Congress to Promote Green Initiatives – Were they Hustler on recycled paper? 
  89. NSF Studies Why Wikipedia is Sexist – They saw an entry that said “You can’t read this if you’re a woman” and that set off this study. Apparently they are unaware of the phenomenon of “trolling.” 
  90. Main Town Rebuilds 38 “Speed Humps” to Slow Traffic Through Neighborhood – For some reason rush hour now lasts until 10:45pm. I’m sure it’s unrelated.
  91. DOJ Buys Premium LinkedIn Account to Promote Jobs During Hiring Freeze – They like to tease you. 
  92. Taxpayers Charged to Promote Hillary Clinton’s $14 Million Book in Europe – Man, that’s a steep cover price. 
  93. FAA Spending to Study What to Do With a FAA-Violating Municipal – With all the “studying” the government does, why do they just get dumber?
  94. Texting Drunks Asking Them Not to Drink – I really, really, want to see the replies.
  95. We All Scream for Federally Funded Ice Cream – Did they finally run out of cheese?
  96. NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program: The Comet that Keeps Chasing Its Tail – Still, without it, we’d never get quality entertainment like “Armageddon.”
  97. Medicaid Provider Taxes  -- Because one fucked up health care system is never enough.
  98. Earmark Spends Taxpayer Money to Send Coal to Germany – Were they bad little girls and boys? Seems harsh.
  99. Marketing Money for Little-Used Wisconsin Airport100.Farmers Get Grant to Produce “Worm Power” Compost – What does “powered compost” actually do? Degrade in 6 minutes flat? And now we are turbo charging it with worms? WHAT THE FUCK?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Global Warming Religion Starting to Become Emperor with no Clothes

You probably heard of Michael Mann, but how about Bob Ward? He's a bristling alarmist asshole who will trash anyone who disagrees with him. Ask Bob Carter.
It was an Australian scientist, Bob Carter, who first drew attention to the flattening trend in an article in Britain’s The Telegraph in April 2006. Carter reviewed the official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia for the years 1998 to 2005 and asked: “Does something not strike you as odd?”

Carter’s reward for identifying the lack of global warming was to have his professional reputation trashed. When Carter repeated his suggestion in the Australian press a year later, the CSIRO felt obliged to respond. Carter had presented “an unethical misrepresentation of the facts”, wrote Andrew Ash, acting director of the CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Flagship. “All scientists welcome honest criticism since it helps to sharpen our analyses and improve our understanding, but skepticism based on half-truths and misrepresentation of facts is not helpful.”
The man directing this destruction was Bob Ward. I'm really getting sick of the childish people who put everything into political and emotional terms. There are real fucking problems out there and they need to be addressed. West Africans crying because of a travel ban? Fuck them, we ain't risking Ebola outbreaks here. Spoiled pussy teenage college students crying about the environment when they have no fucking idea what's really going but have no problem with crushing people's jobs and livelihoods? Go to hell, All of you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why Capitalism Rocks: Fusion Power in Our Reach

How about a working fusion reactor?
This is the interior of an invention that could change civilization as we know it: A compact fusion reactor developed by Skunk Works, the stealthy experimental technology division of Lockheed Martin. It is the size of a jet engine, power airplanes, spaceships, and cities—and they say it will be operative in only 10 years. 
Aviation Week had exclusive access to their secret laboratories and talked to Dr. Thomas McGuire, the leader of Skunk Work's Revolutionary Technology division. And revolutionary it is, indeed: Instead of using the same design that everyone else is using—the Soviet-derived tokamak, a torus in which magnetic fields confine the fusion reaction with a huge energy cost and thus little energy production capabilities—Skunk Works' Compact Fusion Reactor has a radically different approach to anything people have tried before. 

A small reactor that can power a town of 80,000 homes? This will solve the not only the pollution problem, it will solve the scarcity. Put several of these in a dispersed scenario, and tornadoes and storms can't take out so many houses, there would be redundancy. Oil would drop tremendously and terrorist countries would be out of funding.

Capitalism, the expression of free ideas and the ability for anyone to take those ideas and bring them to fruition for (dare I say it?) profit produces wonders the world has never seen.

Hippies and leftists, please stay out of the way.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#Obamacare Breeds Corruption? My Shock Can Hardly Be Contained. #Sarcasm

I know, I know. It's unfathomable.
Two Texas organizations with ties to the now-defunct ACORN are being accused in a federal lawsuit of using Obamacare navigators to recruit union members, according to

The lawsuit has prompted a call for a federal probe into the matter.

Cedric Anthony’s civil complaint says he was hired by Southern United Neighborhoods, which holds the Obamacare navigator contract, and was then told to enroll members in Local 100 United Labor Unions.

Anthony — a former Texas Democratic Party employee — filed the wage-and-hour lawsuit in June against the two organizations, both run by former officials of the liberal Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, or ACORN, which collapsed under a scandal in 2010. The complaint says Anthony was jointly employed as a “federal navigator assisting people with the Affordable Care Act.”
Typically liberals hate corporations cause of money and stuff. But government programs are money grabs too. Horrible cesspools of corruption. So why do liberals bend over backwards to create more of these programs? Cause Enron and robber barons and stuff.

Look. Here's the difference idiots. No one forces anyone to do business with a corporation. You can make a choice. Work for them, buy their stuff, buy their stocks...or don't. It's up to you. Government programs like Obamacare are forced upon you. They get their funding by taking your money through force of law. And this is another example of what happens with that kind of power. Stop looking to the government to provide services, they can't and they will steal your money.

Corporations will also steal your money but to a certain extent, it was your choice to do business with them. Sure, people get totally fooled but that's where the government needs to come in, to punish the guilty and keep the playing field fair. Not to start playing the game.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Harry Reid: Liberal Hypocrite Douchebag

Seriously Mr. "Hates rich people and Koch Bros," how DID you get all that money? If it's legit, why can't you answer? Aren't his tax records public? Can we get a hold of those?

Well just try. Let's see what happens to you:

Link Round Up - 10/9/2014 SCIENCE! Politics and Cabinets.

Ah Science!TM Experts continue to be confounded.
 A new discovery of prehistoric art suggests that Europe wasn’t the only birthplace for early human creativity 40,000 years ago. 
New research suggests that cave art found in Indonesia dates back just as far as the drawings that have been found in Europe. The find hints at an even earlier dawn of creativity in modern humans, going back to Africa, than scientists had thought.
Science does have a way of bringing the truth to light, no matter how much you want to politicize it. 
This recently published Max Planck Institute paper claims that seasonal temperature variability across the world has been affected by “climate change” what they DON’T do as far as I can tell, is determine whether this is simply natural variation, or drive by some other forcing, such as CO2 or solar forcings.
Well we wouldn't want to find a cause that will undermine our already congressional bought conclusions. They paid good money for these scare tactics.

Given this, the ebola virus looks to be another ridiculously politicized disease. I'm sure calling people racist should cure it though.

Yeesh. It's no wonder democrats are losing ground with goofballs like these. Let's hope the GOP momentum will be capitalized on with an actual plan.
In a fresh CBS News poll, Republicans hold a six point lead on the generic Congressional ballot — matching their final 2010 margin in this series...
Nice. Obama decides it's time to clean house. In just under 6 years, way to go.
Too little, too late? With Barack Obama’s polls cratering and former Cabinet officials firing broadsides at him, the President may fall back on a tried and true strategy of changing personnel to gain some breathing space on issues. David Ignatius hears from the oft-quoted “senior administration official” who tells him that Obama’s looking for “a talent infusion.” Better late than never
Maybe. But I'm sure he'll just bring in more lapdogs to tell him he's doing awesome.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Link Round Up

An Idiots Guide to the Right
Okay, first of all, stop saying “Faux News Lies.” That’s redundant. Either call it Faux News and we’re done, or say “Fox News Lies.” Also, what is a “lie?” Do you honestly think a reporter is sitting there reading a teleprompter that says “Obama had many meetings with al-Qaeda and they both agree America must die”? They just make stuff up? I don’t even think MSNBC does that. The closest they come to lying is when Rachel Maddow pretends the Koch brothers tried to make welfare recipients get drug tests. I believe she got information that contradicted her hypothesis at the last second and thought, “Fuck it. We don’t have time. Let’s roll.”
Lindsey 2016?
Gosh, I sure am. Suggested slogan: “He’s not the RINO America wants. He’s the RINO America needs.”
WaPo hires fair and balanced reporter who's not at all biased against republicans or the right.

Because of or in spite of Obama? You make the call.
Other measures are a bit more encouraging on that front. First, on a not-seasonally-adjusted basis, 2,483,000 more people were working full time last month than in September 2012, with 193,000 fewer people working part-time (for a net increase in 2,290,000 employed). Second, the average number of hours worked per week per job increased for the first time since March, from 34.5 hours per week to 34.6 hours per week on a seasonally-adjusted basis. Similarly, the number of overtime hours worked on manufacturing jobs also increased by 0.1 hours per week.
I love the restraint the left always shows in their criticism of those they disagree with. Class acts all the way.

Britain leads the way in flushing their economy down the toilet saving the planet.
Families face paying up to £40 extra each year for wind and solar farms to meet climate change targets after the government revised its energy price forecasts. The subsidy required for each unit of renewable electricity will rise after the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) conceded that gas was much cheaper than it had predicted. A glut of gas on the world market means gas-fired power stations have become cheaper to run, making wind and solar farms comparatively even more expensive. –Tim Webb & Ben Webster, The Times, 3 October 2014
 The White House sieve.
A man who falsely claimed to be a member of Congress was able to get into a secure backstage area where President Barack Obama was last month, Bloomberg News reported. 
The incident occurred on Sept. 27, when the president and first lady Michelle Obama attended the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kansas City, Kansas City (#Royals), Here I Come!

Tomorrow night I will do something I never dreamed of ever really being able to do for several reasons: Go to a Kansas City Royals home playoff game.

One, I never thought I could afford it.

Two, I never thought they'd ever go again.

Holy shit.

I will be in a suite taking pictures and trying my best to document the experience. I will be tweeting from the game so follow me @Yodacon on twitter. Sure this is a mostly political blog but those of you who followed the podcasts (hopefully back in November!) know I don't base my entire life around the drudgery of the political game. When opportunity gives you a special moment in time, best to make the most out of it.

So I will include anyone who follows me in on the fun as much as I possibly can from a cell phone and twitter. Ask me for a picture and I will try to deliver.

Course, who knows how good wi-fi is at the "K" (as the stadium is lovingly called here.) I do know that 4g service is abysmal. I'll do my best.

Go Royals! Hopefully they will not be like the eternal "one and done" Kansas City Chiefs. But even so, it's going to be a magical night.

Let's. Go. Roy-als!

Friday, September 26, 2014

How The Hell Do Climate Activists Persuade Anyone?

Seriously, these are the defenders of SCIENCE!

Sometimes the Police Do Suck

Sean Groubert went way too fucking far.

I defended the police in Ferguson. Let's check the circumstances between that and this.

The suspect in Ferguson had just robbed a store. He was a criminal. He rushed an officer,

Levar Edward appears (thus far) to be just a working guy getting gas. He was attempting to obey an officer.

We can talk about mistakes he may have made in jumping right back in the car. We can talk about the inner city culture that probably has cops on edge. I'm not going to give these excuses any attention. Cops are trained to recognize scenarios and while they can make mistakes, this was a bit over the line. And seat belt violations piss me off just on general principle but that's a different argument.

This kind of thing sure doesn't help black's view of the police.

Groubert needs to make amends to Levar personally. Some good needs to come out of this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saying you Love Pot and Homosexuality Isn't the Same As Endorsing Freedom

Taki had an interesting article today, as he is wont to do. Jame Miller, writing for the magazine correctly noted that just because you are for stuff for yourself and your entertainment does not mean you correctly understand the notion of freedom and liberty.
What Barney Frank calls libertarianism is just normal self-interest shaking off the bounds of tradition. There is no righteous defense of liberty behind the movement to legalize weed. State and local governments just find it too costly to enforce. When it comes to gay marriage, sexual liberation is the driving force of acceptance. Government approval of same-sex ceremonies isn’t a new freedom. It further enshrines the state as a social molder, while making us slaves to the pleasure of our body parts.
One of the prevalent psychosis that seems to permeate the populace is the idea of the status quo needs to be increased or lessened. We never even consider the idea of complete and total change.

For instance, if you ask people about retirement and what should be done about Social security, few if any will entertain the notion of simply doing away with it. It's not possible, people will die or go poor or have to eat cat food or some such nonsense. Of course doing away with something doesn't mean it has to go in 10 minutes. Grandpa can continue the way he is while new people entering the workforce can get out. Hell, I'd even accept keeping it if it were an optional thing.

Same with education, health care, and a myriad of other "services" the government does that it does not only badly but shouldn't be doing in the first place. But these things are so a part of our lives now, with the press constantly presenting these programs as de facto standard. They just are, like the planet, no need to explain the why's.

When you tell most people about getting rid of these programs, they act like you are asking them to cut off their arm, so entrenched are they in the belief of the necessity of these things. Education is run by government, so no surprise that critical thinking isn't exactly the norm.

So bad has it become that we define freedom as what we successfully get the government to condone. Gays can only live together and get married when we get the government to pass some sort of law. Freedom should be defined by the lack of laws the government can pass to dictate your life but now it's by how many it passes that you agree with.

This is backwards and yet try to get your average liberal to understand this. Or your average republican even. Does the GOP run on any sort of abolition of dumb laws and spending?

We need a completely different perception of freedom. Freedom from government, freedom from laws and regulations and departments of fucking with your life because some special interest douchebag wants to be able to smoke pot after smoking his buddy's pole. Truth is, he should be able to do these things without special dispensation from the government, not in spite of it.

When we limit our pursuit of freedoms to that of self-gratification, we will have neither freedom or self-gratification. Freedom is being able to start a business without 8 million forms. Freedom is being able to build a porch on your own home without a permit. Freedom is not defined by what the government LETS you do, it's by what it cannot do.

We don't even come close to thinking like that anymore.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why MUST We Fight Islam?

Because This:

So? Cause of dancing?

No. Because Iran took everyone that participated in this video and gave them 91 lashes and at least 6 months in prison. It's possible the prison sentence was suspended, but that's not the point. The point is there is a large group of people with power who are absolutely crushing people's ability to just feel any sort of joy in life, let alone be free to express themselves or conduct themselves as humans. They want religious robots.

This cannot continue. There is a kneejerk reaction by the left to bad guys doing bad things that is designed to make a liberal feel superior. When 9/11 happened, the average leftist first response was why America deserved it. This was immediately followed by scolding asshats letting us know that not EVERY Muslim is like that and we need to stop being caveman racist neanderthals. Never mind that the incidences of hate crimes against Jews dwarfs what happens to Muslims, even immediately following 9/11.

What if we reacted to the Muslim threat the way reacted to the Japanese threat? Sure, we did a lot of "racist" cartoons in Superman comics. We made them the enemy. And we nuked them. But in less than 10 years, they were making the first Godzilla movie. I'm hard pressed to find anything but respect and friendship towards the Japanese today. We love their culture, their anime, and their Sony PS4's.

Contrast to 11 years after Iraq. We went in with kid gloves. We tried to play nice. We let the scolds know that we were going to be polite and keep causalities down and never say anything offensive. And the Islamists have become more sadistic than ever. Their own people are getting lashed for dancing. DANCING for Christ sake.

I hate these dirty Muslims. I love these dancing Muslims. I love people who can and try to express joy and freedom. Everyone else deserves all the scorn I can muster, no matter how racist you scolds tell me I am. Because in the end, I want anyone to be able to dance on a video and not get beaten for it.

Liberals, why don't you want that too? Cause you don't want to get your hands dirty? Cause you want to look smart at cocktail parties? Fuck you. People are dying for your arrogant bullshit.

I stand with free Iranians. Destroy the Islamists, no matter what it takes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How Wonderful It Must Be To Be A Liberal

Think about it.

You don't have to produce anything, you can make a great living from starting groups whose sole purpose is to "raise awareness."

You can be a part of an oppressed minority grievance group without having to deal with any of the actual hardships that happened like ages ago.

You can be pissed off at racism without ever having a fire hose turned on you or never ever having seen a separate drinking fountain.

You can actually BE racist and no one will call you on it. Same goes for homophobic and misogynist.

You can be a terrorist without serving jail time. Later you will be chums with a future president.

You can be part of government where everyone can be forced to fund you, regardless of how useful you are.

You can fail up.

You can lie and have no real repercussions.

You can spend trillions and end up with nothing to show for it, except for white house party photos. Precious memories.

You can make enough money and have enough things that even the mightiest Pharaoh of Egypt would be envious of and never have to give a dime of it to any stinking charity as long as you say how much you hate money.

You can destroy the health care system and people will believe you fixed it.

You can be a reporter without ever actually doing any journalism.

You can deflect any criticism with the word "Racist" and voters will believe you.

You can actively avoid any knowledge of history as a history professor and get tenure.

You can avoid any problem solving with the sole understanding that white people don't like dark people and feel nuanced.

You can be a hypocrite without guilt.

You can have a home with the power requirements of the Mall of America and people will love you for it.

You can avoid any and all actual responsibility, decision making, or stand taking and just play golf with other liberals. People will defend you for it.

You can do good without having to actually do anything just by feeling like you've done something. A 30 second plea for equality on YouTube usually does the trick.

What a life a liberal can have.

So why are they always so unhappy?

Monday, September 15, 2014

More Racism.. again.. and again... sigh...

I do get tired of it all but I ran across this article and had to share. What do race relations look like from an objective perspective?
Surveying all the available evidence—at least as it’s framed through a Google search of the past week’s American media—a discerning Martian would reach two sobering and inescapable conclusions:

1) Being white sucks because white people suck.
2) Being black sucks because white people suck.

One might also rightly develop the sense that white people should hate themselves and be forced to live a bleak existence of constant apology and retreat. One might also conclude that black people have every right to bleed resentment from every pore until this dangerously unquantifiable, highly emotional, and uniquely human notion of “justice” is achieved.

Since you are a highly rational Martian, you would also be led to the inexorable conclusion that the current situation, whether by accident or design, cannot possibly lead to racial harmony. Instead, it almost seems purposely engineered to result in escalating levels of conflict.

Any sane Martian would conclude it’s better to stay on the red planet and let those silly black-and-white earthlings sort this one out for themselves.
Indeed. At what point is the past...  past?  Many whites seem to enjoy flogging ourselves and our fellow whites constantly even though no racism of today can compare to the slavery of the 1800's or even the segregationist environment 60+ years ago.

Few whites or blacks can honestly remember or were involved in that past. None in the slavery past. Yet none of it will ever seem to actually pass into the past.

Yes I get the idea if we forget history we are doomed to repeat it. It also seems that an obsessive fixation on history is causing repetition as well, just the other way around. The conversation never moves forward, it just zig-zags from side to side. And it's getting old. White people and black people seem to forget the important word in those two descriptions: people. We are all just that, people. We are flawed, beautiful, mistake prone, diverse, wonderful, stupid people.

Getting past this inane, unimportant color attribute is proving to be harder than it should be and I don't get why anymore. Blacks, get over yourselves. Whites, get over yourselves. Fewer and fewer of you really know what racism really is. Most of you are just trying to be cool or with-it or part of the in-crowd.

Knock it off.

Friday, September 12, 2014

EU Has Decided Going Green is for Stupidheads

From Benny Peiser and The GWPF – [Conservative MEP] Miguel Arias Canete, Spain’s former agriculture and environment minister, was nominated as the European Union’s next commissioner for climate and energy, becoming the first single supervisor of those two policy areas. The new commission will take office as energy policy is moving up the EU agenda amid a crisis in Ukraine, the transit country for around half of Russian natural gas to Europe, and the unrest in Middle East. –Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg 10 September 2014

Jean-Claude Juncker’s decision to group EU commissioners into teams serving under a vice-president has been welcomed by some interest groups, and derided by others. Rumours of the intention to combine the climate and energy portfolios have been sparking alarm among environmentalists for weeks. But the elimination of a dedicated environment portfolio came as a genuine shock to green groups. The ‘Green 10’ – an alliance of European environmental NGOs – sent a letter to Juncker saying that his restructuring decisions suggest a “de-facto shutdown of EU environmental policymaking”. –Dave Keating, European Voice, 11 September 2014

Well not actually warming for 15 or so years will kinda screw over your "everything is going to burn and we are all going to dies" agenda. If you're losing the EU, it's all over. People cannot be dictated to anymore by this phantom apocalypse that never seems to come. It's costing real jobs, and real lives. Green movement is killing people? you ask. Yes:

Since the banning of DDT in 1972:

114,000,000 people

have died from malaria.From the Malaria Death Clock

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Liberalism Really IS a Religion

So this story comes across today regarding my buddy Scott Walker:
A longtime Chisholm subordinate reveals for the first time in this article that the district attorney may have had personal motivations for his investigation. Chisholm told him and others that Chisholm’s wife, Colleen, a teacher’s union shop steward at St. Francis high school, a public school near Milwaukee, had been repeatedly moved to tears by Walker’s anti-union policies in 2011, according to the former staff prosecutor in Chisholm’s office. Chisholm said in the presence of the former prosecutor that his wife “frequently cried when discussing the topic of the union disbanding and the effect it would have on the people involved … She took it personally.” Citing fear of retaliation, the former prosecutor declined to be identified and has not previously talked to reporters. Chisholm added, according to that prosecutor, that “he felt that it was his personal duty to stop Walker from treating people like this.” Chisholm was referring to Gov. Walker’s proposal – passed by the legislature in March 2011 – to require public employee unions to contribute to their retirement and health-care plans for the first time and limited unions’ ability to bargain for non-wage benefits.
So basically this prosecutor and his wife lost their shit over losing to Scott Walker and rather than realizing that 1) elections have consequences and B) change is done through persuasion and respect. They have no patience to persuade and no respect for the opposition or the rank and file citizens.

This is what reminds of a religion. Not a positive religion of which there are many. No I'm talking about the negative aspects of religion that unfortunately liberals have successfully exploited to nearly destroying religion in this country. (Except of Islam of course, that would be racist.)  Religion can be a positive force in a person's life, giving someone a place to go during times of trouble or giving higher purpose in good times.

But religion can and has been perverted, usually through an arrogance the runs through it like a virus: We know better than you. We know better than other religions. You are wrong if you don't believe what we believe.

This kind of thinking taken to its logical conclusion ends up with Americans beheaded on youtube. But what happens when a person shuns religion? Does the human psyche simply change by the absence of religion?

Whatever you believe in, I will give religion one thing: It demands a certain humility from man. It asks us to be humble in light of the fact that there are things we don't understand in the universe. However you come to that conclusion, even as an atheist, if you can experience that humility, you will conversely open yourself up to ideas and knowledge you might not have considered. Simply because you dropped the arrogance enough to allow it. You grow as a person by realizing you are small.

Arrogance closes minds. Religious arrogance is dangerous but there is another religion, the Church of Anti-religion. You know it as liberalism.

 Liberalism has no higher power than government. With nothing higher than themselves, arrogance runs rampant. But with the absolute certainty that comes with religious fervor. This combination leads to an "ends justifies the means" mentality that is dangerous. We've seen what happens when humility is removed from religion. With liberalism, even the idea of a higher power is removed.

(Don't see this as an endorsement of religion from me, far from it. Personally I think they all got it wrong except for the idea that there are things bigger than us, and we should be humbled by that fact. Otherwise, God knows what it's really all about. Pun intended.)

So what does that lead us to? A prosecutor so absolutely convinced of his own rightness, and of course a hatred of all things that don't agree with his worldview. Sounds positively religious, doncha think? Of course he went down the Islamist methodology: Destroy that which isn't liberal. Sure, he's not beheading anyone but don't think for a moment these two didn't hate with nearly the same intensity.

Open-minded. Tolerant. These are words the left co-opts and these words don't describe them with any accuracy whatsoever. These same people in a third world do end up putting on bomb vests.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Year Ago--

Yup, I started this one year ago. My hope was to keep building and maybe change a mind or two here and there. Unfortunately real life is now encroaching. While I was able to create a podcast and do some interesting things, the posts are going to whither for awhile. I have an opportunity to make some real money on the side doing some coding and I'm not going to refuse it. Family needs to eat and this thing isn't going to pay for it.

So while I'm not shutting down, I don't know how often I will post. More distressing is the podcast which we really enjoyed doing. I have one more in the can and I will put it out there but I don't know what will happen after that. We may come back. We'll see.

Friday, August 29, 2014

#Podcast Episode 17: Bless You Batman.

Forgive the terrible audio. We are still learning folks. Next one is already in the can. In this one we talk about muggings, the new intolerance for simple manners, a new Batman movie, reality TV shows and various other things. Meandering doesn't even begin to cover it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where the $#&! is the Podcast?

Well it's in the can, so to speak, but sick kids this weekend and work has kept me from getting it up online.  Hopefully in the next day or two.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Things That Give Piers Morgan Night Sweats

Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined 20 percent from last year, according to police department statistics. Reports of burglary and motor vehicle theft are down 20 percent and 26 percent, respectively. In the first quarter, the city’s homicide rate was at a 56-year low.

“It isn't any coincidence crime rates started to go down when concealed carry was permitted. Just the idea that the criminals don’t know who’s armed and who isn't has a deterrence effect,” said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. “The police department hasn't changed a single tactic — they haven’t announced a shift in policy or of course — and yet you have these incredible numbers.”
More guns = less crime. Sorry Piers.

Hey Ferguson Rioters, Got Some Uncomfortable Facts For Ya

From TAKI:
But in South Salt Lake, UT on August 11—a mere two days after Brown was shot to death—a police officer described as “not white” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, whose pictures (Edit, removed links, see original story) reveal him to be at least predominantly Caucasian, if perchance not a purebred Nordic snow bunny. Taylor appears to be mostly white phenotypically (if not stylistically) and is far whiter-looking than George Zimmerman, whom the liberal press initially described as “white” for reasons that appear to have suited an agenda. And unlike the Brown shooting, there is currently video evidence of the Taylor killing available for public consumption, which should inflame white passions to the point where they’d riot—that is, if modern American whites were like blacks in the sense that they were prone to torching cities when one of their own gets killed.

Then again, it’s hard to get upset when you’re not even aware that something upsetting has happened. As I type this, a Google News search for the phrase “Michael Brown” alongside “Ferguson” yields a fulsome 13,700,000 results, whereas “Dillon Taylor” and “Salt Lake” only coughs up a puny 4,250 hits.
Of course not, because the first media lie is that blacks are incapable of racism. Therefore it was justified. But the other way around there will be hubbub, Bub. But wait! There's more:
It can’t be because police kill more blacks in America than whites, because that’s not true. Politifact claims that CDC stats from 1999-2011 show that “2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks.” 
Were you aware of that statistic? I wasn't until I went searching for it.
I was not Taki. Tell me more.
You've likely heard of the 1998 truck-dragging death of a black man named James Byrd, Jr. by three white men in Texas. But you've probably never heard of the 2000 death of a six-year-old white boy named Jake Robel, who died after being dragged for four miles by a black carjacker. Google searches for the victims’ names reveal results as absurdly lopsided as the disparity between Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor’s relative media attention: James Byrd, Jr. yields 108,000 hits, while Jake Robel gets a mere 4,910.
 I've recently begun watching House of Cards on Netflix. A fascinating, deliciously awful show, in all the best ways. Kevin Spacey is in full on Swimming with Shark's mode. But the show though has a particularly disquieting quality to it that gets under my skin.

To explain the premise, Kevin Spacey and his wife are a particularly ruthless power couple in Washington. He is the majority whip in congress. He has set in place a series of events to get him to rise to power. I'm up to the end of season 1 and he's been given the vice-presidency. I'm assuming he won't stop there.

While the logistics and mechanics of Washington operations are interesting (I actually enjoy watching the sausage get made) what bothers me is how little the actual issues are given any thought. Francis (Spacey) is working through an education bill. We get to see how ruthlessly he gets this done but we are never privy to the why. Does he even believe in the reforms that are being pushed through? For that matter, the press, other congressman, lobbyists, hell, everyone seems to be in it to win power. When you see regular people in this show, they are background music. A mass of puppets waving signs, dutifully answering polls, and voting whichever way gets these guys more power. Actually accomplishing things to make things better is immaterial. The results matter only insofar as did the game players win or lose, not the consequences of victory or defeat. Simply time to move on to the next battle.

I dislike the idea that we are all just dancing to the puppet masters commands. The idea that even those of us who are engaged aren't really engaged. We don't really see behind the curtain. I found it telling that all the main players in the show are democrats but even so, within this show, everyone getting directly affected by the game player's decisions have very little influence beyond a mass of polling. Public relations is everything and we dutifully lap up whatever our side gives us. The message is manipulated unrelentingly.

My goal isn't better government programs, my goal is the dismantling of their power. I know House of Cards is only a show and that there are good people in Washington but apparatus swallows everyone at this point. Even the so-called "good" people on this show are shown to be dishonest opportunists when necessary. It's a little sickening.

So given the state of stories Taki listed above, is House of Cards really so far off? Maybe. Maybe not. The only way to fix this is to severely shrink it. Let's make all politics local again.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Obamacare Ruins Everything

When a heavy flash rainstorm interrupted a game at Wrigley Field Tuesday night in the 5th inning, the Cubs were up two on wildcard hopefuls, the San Francisco Giants. But as the rain fell, the grounds crew was unable to coax the giant tarp across the entire infield. Nowhere to be seen is the lickety-split efficiency characteristic of MLB groundskeepers, but a team struggling under the ever-increasing weight of an increasingly rain-soaked tarp lying awkwardly caddy wampus across the field. Fans can be heard chanting, “Pull! Pull! Pull!” but to not much avail.

Add the Affordable Care Act – or, specifically, the big-business Cubs’ response to it – to the causes behind Tuesday night’s tarp fiasco and rare successful protest by the San Francisco Giants.

The staffing issues that hamstrung the grounds crew Tuesday during a mad dash with the tarp under a sudden rainstorm were created in part by a wide-ranging reorganization last winter of game-day personnel, job descriptions and work limits designed to keep the seasonal workers – including much of the grounds crew – under 130 hours per month, according to numerous sources with direct knowledge.

That’s the full-time worker definition under “Obamacare,” which requires employer-provided healthcare benefits for “big businesses” such as a major league team.
You suck, Obama.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Good. All the World's Problems Have Been Solved.

They must be if we can pull shit like this.
THIS PAGE has for many years urged the local football team to change its name. The term “Redskins,” we wrote in 1992, “is really pretty offensive.” The team owner then, Jack Kent Cooke, disagreed, and the owner now, Daniel M. Snyder, disagrees, too. But the matter seems clearer to us now than ever, and while we wait for the National Football League to catch up with thoughtful opinion and common decency, we have decided that, except when it is essential for clarity or effect, we will no longer use the slur ourselves. That’s the standard we apply to all offensive vocabulary, and the team name unquestionably offends not only many Native Americans but many other Americans, too.
Well thank God for that. Of course Obama's golf trip kinda underscores that there are no real problems anymore.