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Monday, September 9, 2013

Why so Syria?

So I've been kicking around this Syrian thing in my head for a while now. I've come up with two conclusions:

  1. Assad can't just be allowed to gas his people. 
  2. Barack Obama is incompetent.

So that's the pickle, ain't it? When we went into Iraq, we had credible intelligence he had WMD, not the least of which were the mass graves of Kurds. If nothing else went right in Iraq, at the very least we have the humanitarian victory of knowing there are no more gassings of his people, no more rape rooms, no more brutal dictator hurting his own people.

People are all over the board on this one, people I like and respect have varying points of view. I do know Bush went to the UN. He went to congress. UN Resolution 1441 was a cease fire, not a cessation of hostilities which Saddam violated. So military action was legal and permissible. Moral? Best course of action? Tough call in hindsight.

Now we have Assad in Syria gassing his own people. But there isn't a 9/11 with Al-Queda being supplied by Saddam. (I know Saddam didn't cause 9/11. But he gave aid and comfort to Al-Queda.) Assad may be backed by Iran but a direct threat to the United States? Well what about when Clinton went into Kosovo? They weren't a direct threat either.

But who are we helping? Muslim Brotherhood might take power and we saw how well that worked in Egypt.

In the end I don't see how this president would do anything but make things worse. I don't believe in his competence in foreign affairs. Benghazi anyone?

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