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Monday, September 9, 2013

Man Pays $7,143 in taxes by check one-dollar bills.


The notion that I constantly hear is that somehow the government is owed this money. Paying taxes somehow goes right to poor people. Education is always clean and pure as the wind driven snow and every dime we spend is spent wisely. Whenever we talk about cuts, it's always police, firefighters, and teachers. Our entire government is apparently made up of nothing but police, firefighters, and teachers. There's absolutely nothing that can be cut. No middle managers, no redundant crap, no fraud.

What was the biggest private company fraud in the history of the nation? Any guesses? If you said Enron, you are correct. 11 billion dollars in wealth wiped out in one day. Not an insignificant sum, I grant you. And people did get hurt. I do not want to minimize the Enron debacle. But it's over now. It was a one time deal.

And yet... you could not turn on the Golf channel without hearing about Enron. The press and the left seized on this as typical capitalist behavior. Because that's the message they wanted out there: Capitalism and private companies will screw you. Never mind it's not typical, it's actually quite unusual.

Now watch this story:


This IS typical. And as you see, this is a yearly problem. And it's over 60 billion a year. Billion with a B. Add in Medicaid and the total comes to over 90 billion. Per year. So if you just go by math, you would think there would be about 6 times the new coverage on this? This story came out in 2010 and I'm willing to bet you didn't know about it.

And how much was the sequester? How much was cut back? For 2013, 84.5 billion. Cleaning up the fraud would've paid for that, huh?

Now more gets cut as time goes by. After watching the 60 Minutes story, are you really shedding tears?

Oh by the way, if you think this sequester is really going to continue to cut spending without anyone figuring a way around it and starting the spending spree again, you really are an idiot leftist. But I repeat myself.

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