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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Best Headline Ever

Friday, November 28, 2014

This Needs to Get In My Eyeballs Right Now. #StarWars

Well, what can I say? Tell me you 40-50 year olds didn't squirt a tear or two when the Millennium Falcon screamed onto the screen.

#Podcast Episode 21: More Ferguson, More Meandering

We discuss Ferguson, a little of the election, and just let the ADD takeover. Greatest or worst episode ever.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Going To Go Do a Little Undocumented Shopping in #Ferguson This Black Friday! (Can I say Black?)

Lots of Ferguson News.

Dozens arrested considered a much better night on NBC.
At least 44 people were arrested as protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, for a second night over the Michael Brown case, police said early Wednesday. 
Two guns and a Molotov cocktail were seized while rocks, broken tent poles and bottles were hurled at officers, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar. Windows were broken at City Hall and tear gas was deployed nearby. However, there was no repeat of the widespread shooting, looting and arsons the wracked the St. Louis suburb overnight Monday.
Darren Wilson and his wife are expecting a baby. Predictably people react maturely. 

Since we are protesting, let's toss in some other shit and save time.
The H Street Walmart in Washington, D.C., got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday night when dozens of Ferguson protesters took a detour from their march around the nation’s capital to march through the store. 
Thousands of protesters made their way through Northwest D.C., starting at 7 p.m. with rally at Mount Vernon Square and ending on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. Their long, looping route—upward of two miles—took them past one of the district’s newly opened Walmart Supercenters. As the protesters marched south along First Street toward the store, they began chanting “Shut Walmart down!” Then, while the bulk of the protest turned right to head down H Street toward Chinatown, a few dozen participants headed for Walmart’s big sliding doors.
You know. Cause of Michael Brown and stuff. Wonder what you're going to loot if you shut the Wally World down.

Of course we are doing this to protect the people. Even if we have to deny them access to medical care. Maybe we can arrest them for defying Obamacare?
In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday morning by LaughingAtLiberals, Portland protesters actually come to blows with one another as they debate blocking a road with their bodies — even as some cars they’re blocking apparently contain people needing medical care. 
“Let him through, he’s got to go to the hospital!” a protestor can be heard shouting, parting the crowd briefly.
Of course the paper of record decided to reveal Wilson's home address. Here they are:

Monday, November 24, 2014

#Podcast Episode 20: Cosby, Immigration, Big Hero Six

20 episodes? How is that possible? We get into immigration, a little about the Chadderbox and whether or not we should try to go live, Bill Cosby and the death of an icon, and finally wrap it up with possibly the most politically incorrect review of Big Hero 6 ever.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#Podcast News: Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

So we did a part one which I will put up in the next day or so. However one of our microphones bit the dust. Unless you guys like horrible buzzing. Which I don't think you do. So I have one on order and we'll get back to normal hopefully next week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So We Lied. Obamacare is Still Teh Awesum.

It's Awesome.

Yur Stupid.

It doesn't matter, bro.

Obamacare relied on obfuscation and the architects believe people are stupid. Anyone on our side surprised at all? Bueller?

h/t to Ace. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

So Why Isn't This Getting More Play?

Police in Florida arrested two pastors and a 90-year-old man who were feeding the homeless, saying they violated a new ordinance in Fort Lauderdale that essentially bans public food sharing.

South Florida television station WPLG ( ) reports homeless advocate Arnold Abbott and ministers Dwayne Black and Mark Sims were arrested Sunday. They face up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.
Now how does this happen? How does this ridiculous law get passed? Because only the government can take care of the homeless.

The Lefties big bag of tricks is to accuse conservatives of being heartless assholes only for the rich. While we don't see any reason to screw the rich, what we really want is everyone to be rich. We don't want there to be poor. But they are there. So we have charities. Churches, Salvation Army, and so on. These are people making their own choice to try to do good in society. This attitude is healthy in a society. Self starting people who have extra time, who have been successful and who need no law or regulation to be motivated to help.

The lefty viewpoint is lazy. Just force charity through my taxes and leave me alone. Also it's a bigoted reaction towards rich people, as if rich people keep all their money in mattresses or something.

So now we have a government that not only gets into the charity business (and we can chronicle how badly they do that) but is forbidding the citizenry from helping on their own. This is as terrible as it gets, people. If we are stopped from feeding the homeless, if we are stopped from doing charity on our own, the attitude of the society as a whole will get ever more selfish. We've seen it already, the limousine liberals. Now we can't even perform charity on our own?

The poor will be even more worse off with the only avenue of charity being the government. The people will be less willing to give, because what's the point? More taxes being taken. And 90 year olds and pastors get put in jail.

I know it's small now. It always starts small. But this is bad. This is the fundamental transformation Obama wanted. No one cares. Monolithic government takes care of everyone. No one is happy anymore.

Watch Brazil if you want to see where that leads to.

Lena Dumbham

Taki had an interesting article this weekend. Turn out "Girls" creator Lena Dunham is apparently a sexual predator, at least when it came to her sister.
Since I was born on the wrong side of the tracks and then booted out of the house in my teens onto the tracks and forced to start running lest I get hit by a train, the fact that she was born into insane levels of wealth yet can’t shut the fuck up about being “oppressed” makes me wish that she would accidentally overdose on painkillers and wake up to find herself stewing in a cannibal’s pot somewhere in Swaziland where there is no iPhone coverage.
I tried watching her show and within 5 minutes, I wanted personally hit every character in the face with a shovel. It is the lowest form of liberal hypocrisy: vain, stupid people with too much money thinking they are somehow oppressed. However Lena is an oppressor, as we find out in her own book.
In one passage from the book, Dunham describes an incident when she was seven and used her fingers to peel open one-year-old Grace’s vagina, only to find that the mischievous little sprout had hidden pebbles inside of it. Dunham claims that her mother didn’t blink at the fact that she was spreading open her younger sibling’s vadge because it “was within the spectrum of things that I did.” (Then again, her mom is an “artist” whose “work” consists of such things as photos of a nude mannequin with a dog, while her dad was known for painting giant hairy vaginas.)
Dunham continues about her not-at-all-rapey relationship with her younger sister:
As she grew, I took to bribing her for her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her makeup like a “motorcycle chick.” Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just “relax on me.” Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.
Charming. She's just but one of many women who are falling out favor with actual women who actually keep their brains in their heads instead of their va-jay-jays.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We're Back, Bitches! #podcast

Yup, the podcast is back! We talk about what's going on in our lives and give our reactions to the elections! Hint: It's not as positive as you might think.

Ineffectual Sad Sacks Sweep Election!

Which of course is much better than the country destroyers we had. 
Voters handed control of the Senate to Republicans for the first time in eight years on Tuesday, putting the GOP in charge of Congress for the remainder of President Obama's term.  
Republicans swept to victory in a string of contests across the country, retaining every one of the GOP-held seats up for grabs and picking up more than the six seats needed to take control of the Senate. Republicans enjoyed a banner night after mounting campaigns from coast to coast that, almost without exception, sought to cast their opponents as rubber stamps for the unpopular president. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who fended off a Democratic challenge in Kentucky, is now poised to ascend to majority leader next year.  
Republicans also are projected to retain control of the House -- and gain at least 12 seats, expanding their majority beyond their post-World War II record of 246 seats set in 1946. 
Well that's awesome. I'm sure they will say "We don't care what you think" to the press, democrats, elite actors, and professional pot-stirrers like Al Sharpton. I'm sure they'll grow a sack and start passing reform legislation, even though Obama will veto it, and let the dems stand on those records.

I'm sure. Really. It will happen.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Every Time They Lose, The Left Throws Tantrums

This one is new.
There’s an obvious, simple fix, though. The government should, through a constitutional amendment, extend the term of House members to four years and adjust the term of senators to either four or eight years, so that all elected federal officials would be chosen during presidential election years. Doing so would relieve some (though, of course, not all) of the systemic gridlock afflicting the federal government and provide members of Congress with the ability to focus more time and energy on governance instead of electioneering.
So let's just get rid of the mid-terms. Cause sometimes we lose. Wanna take a guess on how many of those stories we had back in 2006? These idiots are so short-sighted and that's why we are in the various economic pickles we are in.  


Liberals are tyrants and fascists. Deal with it.
A California man dressed as a Fox News reporter was violently assaulted in the left-wing haven of Santa Cruz, California during the annual Halloween parade this weekend.  
A 29-year-old man, Scott Kory, allegedly shouted "I hate Fox News!" before grabbing the victim's microphone, making an obscene gesture with it, and beating him with an aluminum tennis racket. 

Remember, Only Obama has Received Criticism Never Before Seen

Remember when people wrote stupid shit like this?
When people criticize Administration policy, that’s just politics.  But several incidents directed at this President appear to find new lows.  Of course, people can disagree with the President. But, why can’t people respect the Office of the Presidency?
Of course she doesn't remember the stuff Bush was subjected to, including a movie outlining the assassination of President Bush. These weasels claim Obama's criticism is unprecedented.

Except for every Republican that has ever run in the past 20 years.
Democrat Mary Burke released a new ad Friday accusing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) of using a Republican county chairman's "lies to attack" her. The ad includes images of swastikas, it says, the county chair posted to his Facebook page.