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Monday, December 22, 2014

Redefining Courage

First off I know everyone's waiting with baited breath for the new podcast. It's coming later today.

Second, let's stop with all the "brave" celebrity types. A while back I did a post how the fawning press said a pro-football player and his pregnant wife doing a photo shoot (from which they got paid handsomely) were "brave" for "embracing their body image."

Enough. George Clooney (of all people) took a petition up to make sure the movie "The Interview" was shown in spite of the North Korean death threats. He got not one signature.

Look I'm done with it. Doing a movie on Jackie Robinson or Selma is not "brave." Big whoop. Good movies I'm certain. But no longer important or at least no more important than your average history book.

Hollywood keeps popping this tripe down our throats. Look at how bad and how shameful America was. Look at how far we have to go or some such thing. Whites are so racist. Whatever. This is what passes for having some balls in Hollywood: making a movie about something that everyone agrees was and is wrong.

How about some real bravery? Here was your chance, show the movie and give North Korea the finger. Look I get not wanting to chance getting people hurt over a movie but there were all kinds of ways to embarrass North Korea. Press conferences calling them weasel's and cowards who can't handle the least bit of criticism. Throw it out on legal torrent or streaming sites. Something, ANYTHING that actually shows you think this is bad and North Korean dictators are evil.

Yeah, how about making an actual judgement on actual evil? Stand up and say it? Clooney did, that's one out of how many?

Two blacks got killed by cops. Oh it's so easy based on past wrongs to continue race baiting. Do minorities face racism still today? Yeah sure. Easy to say. You want to stand up and say something brave? How much of the racism minorities face is from other minorities? Way more than whites.

Committing crimes is surest way to having something tragic happen with the cops. How about a "brave" movie showing consequences of black crime? No? Oh another Selma movie? Ok you brave Holllywood types.

Here was your fucking chance to show how brave you are. I'm not seeing another movie about the civil right's march anymore. I'm done. I will only see movies that show people benefiting from freedom and taking consequences for their actions. You're entire goddamn livelihood is built on free speech. Stand up for it, for Christ sake.

Taking potshots at conservatives isn't brave. If you think oppression is a right-winger raising an eyebrow in disapproval, you are a coward. Go to hell.

Oh you re-made "Annie" but switched the races? Not brave, not even interesting. How about a movie depicting Cuba as the hellhole it really is? How about a movie like "Inglorious Basterds" except instead of the fantasy of Hitler getting killed, how about Kim Jung Un?

Oh right, we did that. You pulled it at the first sign of trouble. Pussies.

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