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Friday, January 17, 2014

We are the most spoiled, whiny, civilization to ever grace the planet.

So I see this today:
So I head over to the link and see a self-involved guy with his self-involved wife who happen to be in their 12th minute, make bazillions of dollars, have their own reality show, and pretty much want for nothing, doing a photo shoot for GQ. This photo shoot shows her belly and is somewhat risque, I guess. I wouldn't say NSFW. Whatever, more "look at me" bullshit. Now I don't begrudge them this, it's their life and do what you want if it doesn't hurt anyone. But then this quote:
Props to Decker and James for embracing their pregnancy. 
It would have been easy for James to stay in hiding and take the traditional “look at the weight she lost” pictures. Instead, she is willing to expose her body, and open herself up to scrutiny, by posing for pictures in GQ Magazine. 
When you consider how much negative attention some athletes garner, these photographs beat mug shots any day.
And I realize I am sick to death of false courage. The courage she shows in taking a few pictures in her underwear while pregnant and getting well-paid for it! Why, how do they escape the life-threatening reaction of apathy by everyone in the country?

This is considered brave by the media. Courageous. So amazing. The self-involvement in the media with the self-involved celebutants of the nation has gone viral. And by viral I mean it's making normal people sick. Let's look at the oh-so-courageous celebs speaking out about vital issues of importance these days:

Robert Redford is upset that they had no campaign to get his film nominated for an Oscar. Not enough to pony up his own money, mind you. Oscar is all political these days. It's a dire problem.

Beyonce (net worth: 847 kabazillion dollars) is very upset about gender inequality. This black woman in the United States somehow managed to overcome both of those apparent liabilities and become probably the most famous singer currently working. I'm not sure how she continues with the onslaught of racists and misogynists out there. The worst part about her outrage is how little effort she actually puts into understanding it. It's all because of men that women make less. That's her entire simple-minded thesis. Hey Beyonce? Go eff yourself.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson apparently is a raging homophobe who must be stopped at all costs for his thinking that girl parts are more attractive than boy parts. That's hate on an all new level you know. Yes I know he said some other stuff. So the hell what? How does a guy who basically looks and acts the part of a hick, then spouts some views that play into that affect anything anywhere? If you really got mad at that, if that's your BIG ISSUE of the day, you have zero problems. He thinks gays are god haters or something. Who cares?

There's a reason the term "1st world problems" has entered the lexicon. We can't handle anything anymore. We can't handle people saying things that make us uncomfortable. We can't handle nativity scenes at the school. We can't handle wealth. We can't handle big gulps. We can't handle traffic jams. We can't handle anything!

A hundred or so years ago, a vast majority of this country and the world were still growing and/or killing it's own food. We now stand in front of a microwave impatiently looking at our watches. There needs to be some sort of reset on expectations again. A realization that we don't have any fucking problems. Burma has problems. Iranians have problems. Haitians, Cubans, and a myriad of other places have real problems.

If your tv says something you don't like, then turn it the fuck off. If you are rich and famous, then stop complaining, stop whoring yourself out and actually do something positive with your fame. Showing how you have positive body image doesn't fucking count. Write a large check to those that actually do real good. Salvation Army perhaps. But please, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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