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Monday, December 9, 2013

@Toure Shows us how Oh-So-Clever he is.

I hate white people.

Toure wants us to deal with white on white violence. See what he did there? Because conservatives are rightly pointing out black on black violence that's rampant in the inner cities, he wants to turn it around and show us how he has had a grand epiphany on how smart he is and how we are so stupid.

Problem is that blacks, (that is LIBERAL blacks) wrap up their actions and cultural identity completely in their skin color. Whites don't really think about skin color anymore. Sorry Toure, but we don't. Conservatives especially don't because our cultural and political identity is completely wrapped up in the idea of Individual Responsibility. In other words, each person is unique and the reasons they do what they do is on them, not on their skin color.

So white on white violence motivations are never skin color. However the gangsta culture that has sprung up in the inner city is a direct result of the intentional separation of the black culture from the rest of the nation, not to mention keeping them dependent on the system in order to keep democrats in power.

When white guys bag on each other, they always do it based on character. But blacks actively call each other the N-word. Everything they do or believe starts from the simple basis of skin color. Until that stops, they will continue to be exploited by the likes of Toure.

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