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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 3 Liberal Cities In America Revealed

A Yahoo! contributor named Cassandra James recently wrote an article titled Top Three Most Liberal Cities in America to Live In: If You're Left-Wing You'll Love These Towns.  It is an interesting read, only because it reveals so much about the liberal mindset.  Let's cut through the suspense and get right to the cities.  Cassandra picks Berkeley, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, and Lawrence, KS.   That last one was what caught my attention.  You see, I live very close to Lawrence, KS, and I can say that it seems like most stereotypical Midwest college towns.  After all, it is the home of the Kansas Jayhawks.  But more on Lawrence later.  First, let's dive into Ms. James thesis.
As an American who now lives overseas, if I ever returned to live in American (which is highly unlikely), the only cities I would ever consider living in are liberal cities. As a past resident of Texas, living in a right-wing state, it felt like purgatory, and something I would never repeat. Living in one of these three liberal, progressive and left-wing cities though would be a good choice for any liberal like me, looking for a majority of like-minded people, as these liberal cities afford nice places to live with great communities and interesting culture.
Right off the bat there seems to be a kind of hatred for America. The author implies that there isn't a good reason to live in America, because apparently, if someone doesn't think like a liberal, they have no value and are not worth even being around.  The author makes it sound as if 99% of America is not worth living in.  I have traveled all over the USA and I have found good people everywhere.  I found beauty and culture and when you get down to it, there are individuals out there who care.  But for those liberals who are intolerant, don't despair, there is hope.  (Hey Han, isn't 'Intolerant Liberals' redundant? Yes, yes it is.)   You to can live in one of these towns with 'like-minded people' and be smug and self righteous to your hearts content.

What really mad me laugh, however, was WHY Lawrence is a top 3 liberal town.  Of course, C. James reminds us that Douglas County, which Lawrence is a part of, voted for Barry Obama in the 2010 election.  With those bona fides in place, the reason why Lawrence is a good-ole-liberal oasis is:
Lawrence has lots of liberal-style businesses, independent coffee shops and book stores, an incredible organic foods restaurant, theater groups, art galleries, and an amazing college radio station. Lawrence even has a four-day music festival for independent bands and artists that, in just a few years since its inception, now attracts almost 100,000 concertgoers every year.
Hmmm,  Wait a minute!?!?  If I like coffee shops and book stores and eat healthy, I am a liberal?  I think Cassandra has redefined what it means to be a lib.  I guess all it takes is going to concerts and listening to top 40 music on 105.9 KISS-FM. Since when did top 40 make a college radio station amazing?  When I was in college, we hated that pre-packaged, recycled music.  Why, back at Corellian University, real music came from the heart, not this stuff that is designed to rob 15 year old kids of their iTunes dollars.  But I digress.  What Cassandra is really saying can be summed up with her own intolerance:
If you're a liberal looking for a friendly liberal town to live in, populated by mostly left-wing people who vote the way you do and believe everyone has the right to live their lives the way they choose, then Lawrence, Kansas could very well be for you.
Cassandra only thinks you have the right to live your life the way you choose, only if you choose to be a liberal. Isn't this the real meaning of liberalism, Cassandra?  It has nothing to do with coffee, organic food, or 100,000 person hippie jams. It is thinking of yourself as open minded while you are being smug, condescending, and telling others how to live their lives.

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