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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obamacare Success! Pathetic, Pathetic Success!

It took two months, weekly visits to the jammed-up federal website and a half-dozen phone calls, but JoAnn Smith finally got health insurance Monday. It’ll only cost her $3.19 a month to cover herself and her husband. 
“I just instantly burst into tears,” she says. 
Smith’s employer doesn’t provide health insurance. “They took a vote at the company and people wanted more money in their pockets,” she says. And business has been thin. “I have had four paycuts in one year,” says Smith, who estimates she will earn $23,000 this year for her 40-hour a week job. 
This makes her eligible for a hefty federal subsidy.
This story has all the standard boilerplate liberal feel good crap. Remember, we have blown up the health care system, put doctors out of work, doubled and tripled premiums on millions of people, made men buy prenatal care for Christsakes, spent hundreds of millions on a website that doesn't work, and now.. finally... we have some kind of success story that gets 2 more people dependent on the government.

I think if we had all chipped in a couple dimes, we could have just paid for this couple's insurance and been done with it. Maybe then I wouldn't have to read this asinine story and we all wouldn't be in this mess.

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