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Friday, December 27, 2013

Don't Buy Anything a Leftist Says -- Ever.

It doesn't have that much to do with this story, I just think it's awesome.
So how many times have we heard leftists decry the automobile? How often do we hear about the global warming, the evil SUV, and so on? Well if everyone just used buses more or even better, biked, how much better the mother earth would be! Anything to stop the evil oil companies.

Well in Chicago they got their wish. More and more people started biking. Mission accomplished right? Wrong cause it cut into their holy sacrament: taxes. Solution? Tax bikes. 
A city councilwoman’s recent proposal to institute a $25 annual cycling tax set off a lively debate that eventually sputtered out after the city responded with a collective “Say what?” A number of gruff voices spoke in favor, feeding off motorists’ antagonism toward what they deride as stop sign-running freeloaders. Bike-friendly bloggers retorted that maybe pedestrians ought to be charged a shoe tax to use the sidewalks. 
“There’d be special bike cops pulling people over? Or cameras? What do you do (to enforce this)?” asked Mike Salvatore, owner of Heritage Bicycles, a new Chicago hangout that neatly blends a lively cafe with a custom bike-building workshop in a 19th-century building.
The idea that this is even something that should be debated or even CONSIDERED in this country sickens me. No matter what activity we choose to do or not do, at some point, the left will decide it's evil and try to tax it. Nothing they do is about mother earth, healthy lifestyles, helping the poor, education, or whatever other reason they say they are passing whatever goddamn laws they are passing. It's always about one thing: control over your life. If everyone shunned cars and started walking, you better believe there would be a shoe tax.

Leftists are always anti-establishment even when they are the establishment. They want to stop whatever the masses decide they like. Wal-mart is popular? Destroy it. People like driving? Oil and car companies are the devil. Fox News gains popularity? Kill it. People start walking instead of driving? Philistines need to be taxed. So they need to control you but they also shun whatever the hicks and plebes start enjoying. So this is the idiocy we are now faced with, bike taxes. Because people are biking more instead of driving. Which the left wanted. Until they got it and saw how many commoners were now doing it. So tax it.

They are the most schizophrenic political movement ever. There is only one constant with the left: whatever you are doing, they won't leave you in peace to let you do it. They'll tax it, regulate it, or just plain hate on it. Unless it's abortion. They'll always defend that.

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