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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

@Toure May Be the Most Hateful Stupid Person at MSNBC... and That's Saying Something

What makes me so upset? This twit.. I mean tweet:

Surviving the holocaust is skin color based now? Even if he means making it work coming over here was somehow a white power, I'd like him to go to some of the poor white areas and tell me all about the "power of whiteness."

Toure I would assume thinks that racism is bad. To use racism to fight it however makes him a grade A hypocrite. In our last podcast, we spoke of not moving the conversation forward because of tainted thinking. Jill Abramson couldn't get past the idea of victims and oppressors. In the modern era, this is outdated thinking. Sure, in Iran, Nigeria, Burma, and most of the Islamic dictatorships there are victims and oppressors, a cause Toure doesn't seem to muster a lot of enthusiasm for. But being white is not a superpower. I truly believe that Toure thinks this video is real:

It's not. It's satire Toure. It's damn funny satire showing that perhaps your view of a black and white race based world is absurd. Progressives like Toure haven't actually progressed. They are living in the past and cannot see past skin color. It's sad. At least free speech has let us identify this idiot for the racist he really is.

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