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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blind Squirrel Part III: New York Times sees Obamacare Might Be *gasp* Causing Less Choice

Three Stories showing liberals aren't all on board the liberal train now? Is that a trend? I hope so. We'll see.

From the NY Times(!): 
 In the midst of all the turmoil in health care these days, one thing is becoming clear: No matter what kind of health plan consumers choose, they will find fewer doctors and hospitals in their network — or pay much more for the privilege of going to any provider they want.
It's amazing to see these all starting to pile up lately. Obama and the liberal agenda in general may be showing cracks. The results of Obamacare are plain to see. The political correctness shutting down free speech is really starting to get to people. The idea that every criticism of liberalism can be answered with "RACIST!" is starting to ring hollow. Is this the beginning of the end? Let's hope so, as the we can't shift to the right too soon.

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