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Friday, November 1, 2013

Josh Barro decides most people don't know what's good for them and Salon predictably agrees.

You big dummies.

Predictably, there was quite the backlash to this tweet, presumably for the arrogance behind it. Salon took up the cause of letting people know how stupid they are, a winning strategy if there ever was one.

The hilariously twisted logic in not letting adults make their own choices (unless it's abortion of course) is so self-defeating and here's the proof.

Salon warns of how many successful wonderful things wouldn't be there if we all had the attitude of "let me make my own choices:" (emphasis mine)

As Barro pointed out in subsequent tweets, this “don’t tell me what to do!”-style libertarianism, if taken seriously, would have some pretty radical implications. No public education, for one. No regulations on food or consumer goods, for another. Workplace safety? Forget it. Through the lens of this vulgar individualism, any kind of collective action — besides those undertaken by the military, of course — becomes an unbearable infringement on these conservatives’ “liberty,” or as Twitchy puts it, “freedom to choose.”

So let's look at the logic. We don't know what's best for us. In order to know things, we need to be educated. So we need public education to help us with that. Which has been in place for a century and has resulted in a bunch of people who apparently don't know what's good for them.

That's right, we need to be thankful for the very things that are failing us. Workplace safety? Everyone know big business would still be killing people left and right because they love that kind of thing. Happy worker is a dead worker or something like that. Regulations (also known as "sacraments" to the left) are all perfect and we wouldn't be able to get up in the morning without checking them to make sure we are doing things correctly. 

Liberty by it's very definition is not something that is defined by someone else to be bestowed on the masses. It's the opposite. But hey, I can play that game. Why do you need that freedom of speech to print that garbage anyway? They obviously don't know what's good for them.

Finally I leave you with this from Fuloydo:

It's said that we learn from our mistakes. 
The progressive take on things is that we don't know what's best for us and so we shouldn't be allowed to make our own decisions. 
Hence, we're not allowed to make mistakes (as defined by them) and, therefore, not allowed to learn. 
Not only do they consider us children, they actively fight against any possibility of us 'growing up' by blocking any chance of learning.

To which I reply, of course they block us from learning. If we learn we don't need them, what will they do?

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