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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apparently all the Weed Colorado is Now Allowed to Smoke is Having a Good Effect

Or maybe they realized they need more of their own money in their pockets to afford their new habit. Or maybe no one is high enough to buy the bullcrap teacher's unions were selling. 

Or maybe people are starting to wake up to the big lie that is "successful government spending."

Frank Bruni of the New York Times proclaimed last month that Colorado “is on the precipice of something big” if it passed a $950 million tax hike that was earmarked specifically to increase education spending, a popular item with independent and swing voters. Obama education secretary Arne Duncan said a win in Colorado would make the state “the educational model for every other state to follow.” Teacher unions spent $4 million promoting the measure, outspending opponents by at least ten-to-one. 
But the model crashed on takeoff tonight. Coloradans didn't just defeat Amendment 66, they repudiated it by a vote of 66 percent to 34. With almost all the results in, the tax hike was only winning half the votes in liberal Denver and Boulder Counties.

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