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Friday, November 15, 2013

Another victory for the ACA.. thanks to the GOP

Ironically, the dems may save us on this by being arrogant and stupid, because passing this means admitting that the ACA was flawed, and that they didn't read it. But the GOP continues to show us how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
The House on Friday approved a bill to let insurance companies sell health plans that had previously been canceled due to ObamaCare regulations, a day after President Obama moved unilaterally to fix the problem. 
The bill passed 261-157. Thirty-nine Democrats crossed over to support the GOP-backed legislation. 
The bill would go a step further than the plan Obama announced on Thursday, by allowing insurance companies to sell the old plans to customers who previously had them, as well as new customers, for another year. Obama's plan would only apply to those customers enrolled in the plans before the cancellation notices went out. 
Christ, Obama tries to change the law illegally, a big win to the GOP who can claim how Obama is the dictator we took him for. Instead they make their own legislation to give him a way out but also to fix the most visible disaster of the ACA, thereby pulling it off the radar of most of the American people and ensuring this thing will go on and on and on.....

Can we make the tea party an ACTUAL party now?

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