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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If You Wanted to see the Military run by Disorganized Hippies, Here ya go

The paper, authored by Col. Denise F. Williams, identified characteristics of toxic leadership to include incompetence, malfunctioning, maladjusted, sense of inadequacy, malcontent, egotism, arrogance, selfish values, avarice and greed. 
The Army Times recently cited “toxic leadership” in reference to cases of misconduct and abuse of authority by military leaders, which have “proliferated across the services in recent years.” 
In one case, which it called bizarre, a Navy commander was fired after subordinates complained that he poked them in “appallingly inappropriate places with his flashlight.” 
One reader retorted: “I would never make it in this kinder, gentler Army. I wonder what happened to mission first. We won our war and a war hasn’t been won since. The only thing toxic in my day was gas.” 
Boykin has told WND that the rate of dismissals has approached 200 in the past five years and that officers were dismissed on suspicion of disloyalty or suspected disagreement with the Obama administration on policy or force-structure issues. 
He added that a number of officers have been relieved of duty for no given reason.
“Morale is at an unprecedented low,” Boykin said. 
“Officers want to train for war but are not allowed to” because of other distractions such as allowing openly homosexual personnel in the military, the integration of women into the infantry and rules of engagement that favor “political correctness over our ability to fight to win.” 
The sentiment was echoed by a Coast Guard Reserve member who told WND he will be retiring soon. 
“I spend most of my ‘drills’ doing online training on things like ‘diversity’ and ‘preventing sexual harassment’ these days,” he said. “It’s becoming a joke. This country is in trouble.”
The military has one job: to kill people and break things, and it has to do it better than the other side. If the fecal matter hits the oscillating air mover, all the political correctness in the world is worth spit.

So tell me, who is leading our troops? If there was actual war, I mean real Saving Private Ryan stuff, would this bunch of yahoos be able to lead effectively? How many of the rank and file will die because of short-sighted leadership that is now being put in place?

I hope we never have to find out.

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