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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And yet you have the nerve to act surprised.

"I love the ACA but it's got a minor glitch or two." Welcome to the party sweetheart. I might be paraphrasing. The point is, an obama cultist who just loves the idea of people paying for other people's health insurance as long as she's left alone, wasn't left alone.

It was Feinstein's quote however that gave me a case of nasal dairy eruption. (Emphasis mine)
"Any time you do a huge policy change like healthcare, there's going to be all sorts of problems and glitches that need to be worked out," Bass told me Tuesday from Washington, where she said there were new calls for allowing people to keep the policies they have, as President Obama had repeatedly promised they'd be able to do. 
President Clinton has urged such a move, and Feinstein's office backed the idea Tuesday. She noted in a statement that her office had received 30,832 contacts from Californians, "many of whom are very distressed by cancellations of their insurance policies and who are facing increased out-of-pocket expenses." 
"The Affordable Care Act is a good law, but it's not perfect," the Feinstein statement said.
No, not by a longshot, beginning with the federal website debacle and highlighted by Obama's now-laughable promises of a smooth transition. But Bass worries that the problems will further embolden critics who were determined from the beginning to do a grave dance on healthcare reform.
Uh-huh. You and I have very different definitions of "good."

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