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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh Scott. You had me at "Budget Cut"

Scott Walker is mulling over getting rid of Wisconsin's income tax. See, he already created a huge surplus so instead of spending it all on crap that has no return on investment other than to placate special interests that will give him voting blocks, he's going to ease the tax burden on the people of Wisconsin by letting them keep the money they earn at their jobs. What a weirdo.
“There are many states that do very well, better than most states in the country, that have no income taxes,” Walker said during a meeting at the Northern Economic Development Summit. “That’s one thing for us to look at. Is that feasible? What would that mean in terms of an economic boost? That’s not only for individuals, but small businesses in this state.”
Will you please announce your candidacy and save us all the wondering?

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