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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars: TFA = Star Wars: ANH. I'm Calling it. #StarWars

"It's like poetry. They rhyme." -- George Lucas


Ok, before anyone calls me a hater, know I'm probably going to love this movie. I certainly want to. But I believe the clues are there: this is a remake of A New Hope. I base this solely on the trailer images and nothing more. No spoilers, no leaks, just speculation. Could be bullshit. Let's explore.

Both movies show a disaffected youth on a backwater desert world leading a fairly hardscrabble existence. Both have mysterious parentage. Both have rectangular landspeeders with useless windshields. (Rey's is just Luke's on its side.)

Both movies have a member of the empire escape. The droids and Finn both crash land on Jakku throwing Luke and Rey's life into chaos and sends them off on an adventure.

Both Luke and Rey encounter Han Solo and Chewie. Being chased by the empire, they both escape the desert planet and blast into hyperspace.

Leia and Poe, both ranking rebel leaders, get captured and tortured.

The Empire and the First Order both have a planet sized death machine. Both blow up a planet to show they mean business.

Both Rey and Luke mourn a death. Both end up on a green world. Both movies will feature an X-wing and Tie Fighter battle above the death machine which has a very long trench.

Now of course, the devil is in the details. What will the character arcs be?

I guess if you're going to repeat a movie, repeating the one that had the most significant impact on culture in the last 50 years is probably a good target to aim for.

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