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Friday, December 20, 2013

E-Cigs being Banned much like Water Pistols being Banned.. Cause they LOOK like the real thing.

Via HotAir. Fuloydo sent this to me. E-cigarettes are a godsend to those who want to quit smoking. You still can pretend to smoke but the vapor is the same thing your breath does on cold days. So of course nanny statists want it bad because of second-hand non-smoke or something.
No, the reason public “vaping” needed to be banned is that it simply looks too much like smoking. It’d inconvenience the cops to make them pause to determine whether you’re puffing a ciggy or an e-ciggy. And in any case, vaping … “re-normalizes” the practice of public smoking. If you let people do something that may be harmless or even good for them, insofar as e-cigarettes are steering smokers away from a carcinogenic alternative, then other people might be inspired to take up a more dangerous variation of the practice. By that logic, I guess, drinking water in public places should be banned too for fear that it might “re-normalize” public boozing. That’s what makes this Bloomy’s greatest triumph: He’s a master of precedent-setting baby-step nannyism, and this sets the precedent that behavior that merely resembles disfavored behavior can and should be aggressively regulated.
Next thing you know, they'll start banning cold days.

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