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Monday, December 9, 2013

Matthew Yglesias: People are Using Parking Spaces. It's like Getting a Check from the Government!

People are using the parking spots their company supplies to their employees. He's not happy about that:
And all across America, companies are providing their car driving employees with subsidized transportation in the form of parking. Either the company owns or leases the parking lot or parking structure outright and makes it available for employee use, or else the company pays for employees to get free or discounted parking at a commercially operating garage. This kind of parking benefit is even subsidized by the federal tax code, which allows a parking subsidy to not be counted as income. Indeed, it's the tax deductibility of subsidized parking that help explain why it's such a ubiquitous perk.
He really, really hates the parking lots people use to go to work. These are "subsidized" in the form of federal tax breaks, in his words. Because "not paying as much as others" is the same as "getting a check from the government, over and above what you already have."

Because receiving 5 dollars from your Grandma at your birthday is exactly the same as not paying the 5 dollars you already own to the bully at school. This is what Matt and other liberals actually think.

What an asshole.

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