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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

But but but... we NEED every single tax dollar! Sequester! Rich people! Sputter sputter....

Don't talk to me about how we don't have enough money. Don't talk to me about tax cuts for the rich. Don't even start with me. Not when you spend money on:
  • Tax Breaks For Brothel Worker Breast Implants
  • Government Study Finds Out Wives Should Calm Down 
  • Lifestyle Coaching for Senate Staff
  • Bridge to Nowhere Going Nowhere…But Still Getting Taxpayer Cash 
  • You’re Invited to a Hollywood Party at Paramount Studios…Sponsored by U.S. Taxpayers 
  • Federal Government Paying Salaries to Hundreds of Thousands of Tax Cheats
There are more. Senator Tom Coburn's book was just published, an annual rite of shame, if people who worked in the government actually had any shame.

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