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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mostly Peaceful Protest Overnight in Ferguson -- Only 2 Shot

Via HotAir:
The removal of the curfew by Gov. Jay Nixon and the arrival of the National Guard didn't improve matters in Ferguson overnight. Police deployed teargas and arrested 31 people as protesters filled the streets, while two people were shot — although not by police. According to Captain Ron Johnson, who has been in command on the ground, police never fired a shot, even though they were under “heavy fire” during the night.
Still, the plot thickens. Was Brown shot in the back of the head? 
Big news if true as it seemingly contradicts a key takeaway from Michael Baden’s autopsy, that none of the shots that hit Brown came from the back. As noted in the last post, eyewitness accounts are mixed: Dorian Johnson claims Brown was hit from behind before turning and putting his hands up, an eyewitness who live-tweeted the shooting claims that two shots were fired at his back before Brown turned to face Darren Wilson and was then fired at repeatedly, and a third eyewitness captured on audio claims that Brown initially ran away from Wilson before coming back at him. There’s rough consistency there on Brown’s movements, first fleeing from Wilson and then facing him, but when the shots were fired, which shots hit him, and what Brown was doing when he turned back towards Wilson are uncertain. Now, a new detail: Watch below as one of the lawyers claims that a shot entered the very top of Brown’s head, traveled downward, and exited through his right eye socket. How does that happen to a man who’s 6’4″?
Good question. While I have been hard on the rioters, that doesn't mean I don't want the truth of what happened. Brown didn't do himself any favors but the truth is he WAS unarmed and he was shot many times. As much as I want the state to crack down on the rioters, I also want as intense an investigation to be conducted on this. Truth only, no matter if the cop was at fault or not.

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