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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Power and Persecution: Thy Name is Leftist

A couple of unrelated articles juxtaposed themselves in my mind and made me realize how bass-ackward liberal thinking really is. Not that I wasn't already well-aware of it, but the articles brought it into sharp focus.

Liberals truly believe they are the underdog fighting oppression. Nevermind that they pretty much own pop-culture, education, government, and the media. I would argue that these four institutions far exceed the power of conservative bastions, private business (which is no where near as politically monolithic as the media is) and religion.

Businesses are not politically minded and deal with the government and politics as a necessary resource or obstacle to be overcome to doing what they do: sell whatever widget or service they sell. The primary motivation is profit but not so fat guys can light their cigars with 100 bills and use 3rd world children as footstools. Profit is necessary to simply keep the company going and improving. Breaking even means breaking.

Religion is more idealistic but the enthusiasm for religion is waning. Not to say people aren't religious but these days people put their faith into things that aren't faith based. Brother Gore's Church of the Global Burning is doing quite nicely.

Suffice to say that while the left may not dominate political thought for the general population, they do dominate the corridors of power. Which is why they've gotten more unhinged as time has gone on. Take this article from the Federalist:
When power is never limited or checked or balanced, it can’t get enough of itself. When it reaches a tipping point at which a power-mongering clique or dictator can further the goal of more power accumulation (in the name of whatever), it will destroy anything that gets in the way. And it will rationalize any use of force in the name of a better tomorrow. That’s the just nature of the beast.
Indeed and so the persecution from the left is totally justified in their minds. Add to that their new religious and moral fervor in supporting anything the right finds objectionable and there's the religion they practice now. "League of Contrarians" I would call it. Anything resembling traditional religion is considered the status quo, and they must destroy it. Ironically they feel as if they are the ones fighting the uphill battle, even though they have taken over most of the avenues of power that would have been an obstacle to them. They have limited, co-opted, or dispelled the power these older, traditional institutions have. They use that power to keep "fighting the power:"
Tolerance is a practice that has been defined by the left as an act of condoning. Conservatives must condone any, and all behavior that they may find objectionable, even if it violates their own religious or personal code. Should they make a personal choice not to participate in practices to which they are opposed, they must be publicly shamed, and verbally flogged. On the other hand, if a liberal believes something to be objectionable, they have every right to object. That is the leftist definition of tolerance.
So if you object to what they do, you are oppressing them and you're morally wrong. The freedom fighters will heroically fight you. By any means necessary.

When the people in power fight as if they have to use guerilla war tactics, it results in a lot of ugliness. Take for instance the current Israeli conflict. Israel is supported by the US so they are the more powerful. It doesn't matter if Hamas launches rockets into their territory unprovoked. They don't have as good a weapons making Hamas the underdog. We love the underdog. We are now morally right. So we can say any vile thing we want to an actress who tweets support of Israel:

So remember, it's not about whether or not it makes sense, who started what, or anything that deals with things like reality. Hamas can fire rockets unprovoked because of past reasons. Even though Hamas was given back land, even though Hamas agreed to various treaties, it doesn't matter cause Israel did something sometime in the past.

No the only thing that matters is whose side you are on. After all, if Bush is a war criminal with his drone strikes and invasions, why isn't Obama? Did he not "invade" Pakistan to get Bin Laden? Is he not killing civilians with the drone strikes?

It's ok, he's on our side. Our side is the underdog. Even when we are in charge. So everything is ok when we do it.

This is how they think. They are not to be reasoned with, they are only to be defeated.

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