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Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Podcast Carpool Conversations: Episode 12 Border, Racism, and Top Secret!

Yes, there's a story

Here's some links to the stories I mentioned:

Maryland Governor Hates Conservatives, says we are going to harass brown people.

Milton Friedman's entire talk on immigration:

Like neighboring Latvia, Estonia took a hard line when it declared independence, refusing to grant citizenship to most ethnic Russian families who were not in the country before Soviet times. A newly free Estonian government in 1991 returned land to Estonians and gave them voting rights in an open democracy. 
"They had the land, they had the money, they were reborn in very good conditions," recalls Andrei Zarenkov, a leading voice in Estonia's Russian community and the director of a Russian cultural center near the capital, Tallinn. 
"Russians had nothing," he remembers. "It wasn't fair. Russians were living in this country and became strangers."
He's a shock jock but he has to watch what he says. I'm all for making better choices in your words and being held responsible for what you say. Sirius can do what they want. But no standard is set for the other side. Blacks regularly defame whites with impunity and none are held to the same standard. So that begs the question, if the media lets blacks get away with bad behavior that whites can't, what does that say about the media's attitude towards blacks? Are they saying that they aren't capable of the same civilized behavior that we hold whites to?
Here's the skeet surfin' scene from Top Secret!

And finally the video on movie posters.

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