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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Liberal Education: Searching for Problems Where None Exist and Equipping Our Youth For Nothing Productive

From Taki:
Arizona State University, perennial favorite for “nation’s least prestigious school,” is showing America why: students can now earn extra credit in a Women and Gender Studies class for being female and not shaving their armpits. One student—whose parents no doubt consider this either $6,000 (in-state tuition) or $10,000 (if she’s out of state) a year well spent—called her 10 weeks of stubble cultivation a “life-changing experience.” 

Women in the less-civilized parts of the world who are forbidden to learn to read or visit the doctor are no doubt emboldened by this simple act of solidarity.
I've always been amused by the liberal idea that a problem exists and must be fixed because Fuck you, that's why. In a country where women have pretty much limitless choices and a culture that is far more accepting of a woman making choices to work or not work or do whatever addle-brained thing comes into her head (such as teaching a gender studies course involving not shaving) than a man who decides to stay at home.

Nevermind those other countries who put their women in hefty bags in the name of some cult-religion that encourages fashion choices combined with high-explosives. Never mind all that. It's America that's oppressive. Oppressive enough that you had to, freely and without fear of reprisal, form a victim/complaint group:
The instructor, Professor Breanne Fahs, doubles as the director of the Feminist Research on Gender and Sexuality Group, or FROGS, an act of not-so-subtle irony or a total inability to sense such. She’s currently hard at work promoting her biography of Valerie Solanas, the insane woman who wrote a book called the S.C.U.M. Manifesto (S.C.U.M. stands for “Society for Cutting Up Men”) and later shot Andy Warhol, causing injuries that almost killed him and would haunt him for life. And don’t forget to check out the FROGS website for a link to an Etsy store selling vulgar apparel promoting something called “menstrual activism,” which apparently involves wearing the crimson curse as lipstick. 
Seriously, we make up problems for ourselves in this country. This article's focus is how education is failing by replacing subjects like Western Literature with Menstrual Studies but I think it's deeper than that. Sure the education system is failing, it's failing because it encourages the young skulls to naval gaze like never before.

And with that, they find all kinds of problems in said naval, and these problems are of dire importance. If they ever looked up, they'd see real problems but that would involve thinking about someone other than themselves. So after 40-60 years, stupid students get stupider, become professors like Breanne Fahs, and even less knowledge is passed down that is actually useful. In the meantime we've got new generations to search ever so desperately for dire problems that are only dire if you live in a self imposed, narcissistic bubble.

Idiocracy is not as far off as you think.

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