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Sunday, July 27, 2014

David Gregory Accuses Paul Ryan of Hating Poor People, Eating Puppies, and Lighting Butterflies On Fire

Gregory began his questioning of Ryan by pushing liberal talking points that more government policies are needed to combat poverty: 
Skeptics have cited one thing that really struck me which is that some of the poor states are run by Republican governors who have refused to even expand access to Medicaid under the ObamaCare law. So you can understand why people would be skeptical that giving them that kind of power would actually lead to constructive solutions to deal with people who are poor.
For his part, Congressman Ryan pushed back against Gregory and argued that “these programs don't work with each other. In many ways, they end up being counterproductive, because poverty is a complicated problem and it needs to be customized. And secondly, we had basically a poverty management system with respect to the federal government.”

After the Meet the Press moderator maintained that Ryan’s view towards poverty lacked compassion, the GOP congressman shot back:
We don't want to have a poverty management system that simply perpetuates poverty. We want to get at the root causes of poverty to get people out of poverty. And I would argue that that is the best way to go forward and that's what we're proposing here. Which is have benefits that are customized to a unique person's problems because poverty is very complicated. To not just keep them where they are but help them get to where they want to be. 
Gregory’s criticism towards Ryan’s anti-poverty program is especially ironic given recent reports that the NBC host just purchased a new $5.4 million house in D.C. but he then finds it appropriate to then criticize someone else for supposedly lacking compassion.
Well of course. The only possible way to be compassionate is to make sure we tax people, run it through a massive bureaucracy,  waste most of the money, steal the rest, and then pat ourselves on the back for supporting the people who put in this oh-so-compassionate welfare state in the first place. Sure the poor never seem to stop being poor but anything else would be uncompassionate.

Now hand over your wallets you heartless douchebags.

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