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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Show Me The Money

Forgive very dated movie reference. Heritage has come out with their annual report on where the money goes. It's a good read but for reference, let's check out the percentages:

Here's the money for 2012. As you can see, we spent 45% on entitlements. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. All programs going bankrupt and are rife with fraud. Remember, 65 billion lost to fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare alone. 

Here's 2013. Looks like we're paying out more entitlements to entitled whiners. Ok, we put ourselves into this mess, we can't just turn it off overnight. But consider this: Obamacare isn't on this yet. That doesn't start until this year.

National defense, meh. Who cares. We now spend more on all the other entitlements like welfare than we do on defending the nation. Welfare is not in the constitution but defending the country is. 

Read the article, good stuff.

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