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Monday, October 28, 2013

David Axelrod still believes in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and that most people get to keep their health care.

From Hot Air:

That depends on how one defines “most.” Most Americans get their insurance through employer group plans, and those are largely intact, although they’ll be more expensive now, thanks to the mandates insurers have to carry now.  But for those who bought their own insurance — which is the apples-to-apples comparison — half or more will find their old plans cancelled.  That estimate comes from a UCLA academic who supports the ACA, by the way.  That means around 7 million or more Americans will have lost their old insurance plans, and will have to pay higher premiums and clear higher deductibles from now on.

Colburn does a good job with him and there's a longer clip at the link. I love the quote that there's been private web disasters as well. Hey, Axelrod, those websites didn't forcibly take my money from me to create such a monstrosity. Do you not get the effing difference?

Wait, of course he doesn't. What am I thinking?

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