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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The EPA: Making a Cleaner Environment by Pooping in the Hallways - Somehow

I think they went too far
Yes, you read that right. The self-important police of a cleaner, healthier environment can't seem to stop pooping in the halls. No seriously.
After pretending to be CIA agents, watching porn at their desks, and building “man caves,” employees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are now pooping in the hallway, according to Government Executive. 
The latest scandal involving EPA employee conduct was revealed in an email obtained by the publication, which detailed how an employee at their headquarters in Denver placed “feces in the hallway.” The EPA declined to comment on the matter.
I've had said liberals were babies, but I didn't think they literally needed diapers. These are the kinds of people that end up in government with control over your life. Think about that and weep.

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