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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why Do I Think We're Over Regulated? Because People Can't Volunteer to Help Cancer Patients Now.

Godzilla's Got Nothing on the Red-Tape Monster
A driver who regularly volunteers as part of an organization to bring patients to New York City hospitals free of charge was fined and his vehicle impounded Monday when a city agent thought he was illegally operating a driving service. The whole incident was later deemed a misunderstanding, but the damage was done. 
According to the New York Daily News, 25-year-old Yeshaya Liebowitz was shuttling two people to area hospitals as part of the Jewish charity Chesed when he was stopped by one of the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission agents. 
“I tried to explain to him we're not a car service,” Liebowitz told the Daily News.
Nope. You are outside of government approved activities. Please report to the nearest re-education camp. Of course that's only the tip of the fascist, tyrannical, and totalitarian iceberg:
The content of the responses on Twitter and elsewhere was a useful reminder that the Left, including its sexual-liberationist faction, is inarguably totalitarian. Critics suggested not only that I be fired for my views but that I should be prosecuted for them, and that the government should ensure that such views are not published. Live-and-let-live is not the Left’s way, never has been, and never will be. It is not sufficient that transsexuals should be free to act on their delusions — the rest of us are expected to participate in them with unreserved enthusiasm, and the Left is willing to use the state to compel us to do so. 
This is the difference between me and them: I want them to continue to speak. I want Matthew Yglesias to continue to out himself as the moron that he is. I want everyone to speak their minds, even if it's terrible speech. Sticks and stones has gone out the window long ago to the left and their oversensitive, pussy reactions to least little slight is always responded with attempts to destroy the person they are ever-so-angry with.

You hurt my feelings, I shall now take away your livelihood, make you an object of public scorn, imprison you, and if need be, have you executed. There are countries that follow that progression, on this the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, which I mention coincidentally.

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