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Friday, March 21, 2014

Post 200 (Finally): Obama lives in Dream World. Unfortunately We are the Ones who Must Deal with the Reality of His Choices

From Commentary Magazine:
We've seen it time and time again with the Affordable Care Act. (Earlier this month the president declared ObamaCare “is working the way it should.” He may be the only person in America who believes such a thing.) We’ve also seen this in Mr. Obama’s dealings with Vladimir Putin, who with lightning speed has seized Crimea, threatens Ukraine, and whose top officials are now openly mocking the president (including with tweets ending with smiley faces). Yet President Obama insists that Putin is acting “out of weakness, not out of strength” in attempting to take control of Crimea. This is an effort to seek comfort by engaging in an almost clinical level of delusion. And it’s not isolated to Mr. Obama.
Indeed it is not. The reality of these idiotic, pie in the sky plans are the costs. Someone must pay for these and as it turns out, it looks like all of us are, even those who are supposed to be helped. A man in the highest office in the land is not in touch with reality is a dangerous thing. Obama knows nothing about economic realities, he doesn't understand the human condition at all, he has no idea on foreign policy realities... in essence this is a man who believes he's playing a video game.

The law isn't working out? People can't get signed up fast enough? The system isn't ready? Just plant an executive order delaying the ACA, the ultimate cheat code.

Putin knows this unicorn rider is no threat and treats him as such. Sternly worded speeches are just that: meaningless words. A professor and community organizer thinks that words are enough to change things. They are not.

But who are the real dreamers here? Every single Obamanaut that voted for him. Every single spoiled rotten child that hated Bush for doing mean things and wanted a happy unicorn-filled world where the mean people finally were told to pound sand. Because for these voters, reality is mean. And those who actually deal with reality, therefore are mean people. And meanness is the ultimate sin at this point.

We got what we deserved. Everyone of you who voted for this pixie is going to reap what you've sown. The problem is the rest of us got to deal with your idiotic daydreaming policies as well.

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