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Monday, March 31, 2014

Obamacare Deadline Today: Go F*** Yourselves, America!

Well it's arrived. Again. Unless boy king decided to change it again because laws are leaving, breathing, documents. Just like the constitution. I mean way back 4 years ago when implemented this, we had no idea how much more technology we'd have. Obama couldn't have foreseen it. Or how bad it would work:
People trying to apply and enroll for private health insurance through Obamacare before Monday's midnight deadline discovered the website was "currently unavailable.", the online marketplace bedeviled by bugs since its launch last fall, went down for several hours Monday morning, a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services said. The "tech team is working now to bring the system online as soon as possible," HHS said in a statement.
Don't know why this is a surprise. Even a tried and true website like doesn't work either: 
Don’t feel bad, has its own problems, too. Right now, the countdown clock on the White House web site says there are 16 more days to enroll in Obamacare… except that the minutes tick down every second, and the second area is blank...
That's right. They fucked up something as simple as a countdown clock. But it counts down! Kinda. We'll call it a success. After all, we are very fuzzy on the meaning of "success." Quite the gray area: 
Brace yourself, friends, for the new hate-and-snicker-fest on the right about the Obamacare numbers. It started over the weekend—actually, it’s been more or less ongoing since last fall—but it’s going to crescendo now that the enrollment deadline has been reached. Six million, eh? Bah. A million below expectations, they’ll say, and in any case a fake number. That’s what Wyoming Senator John Barrasso said Sunday on Fox; the administration is “cooking the books.”  He didn’t reveal how he knows this, but of course he wasn't pressed on the point. 
As of Sunday morning while Barrasso was speaking, the enrollment figure was edging close to 6.6 million, and by midnight tonight it might well hit 7 million. Conservatives will say it’s all a big con. Two criticisms have some merit. First, it’s certainly true that signing up isn't the same thing as paying premiums on a month-to-basis. So we’ll have to see about that over time. Second, the percent of enrollees who are young and healthy is apparently a little lower than the most optimistic hopes (it's around 27 percent).
Well of course it's probably mean old rethuglicans causing the disconnect. They are sooooo mean! 
It seems “Dingy” Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader from Nevada who routinely lies about Republicans, the Koch brothers and average Americans suffering under Obamacare, can dish it out but can’t take it. 
“Sarah Palin berated me for calling out the Koch brothers in their attempt to buy control of the U.S. Senate,” he whined in a recent fundraising email.
Well don't worry Harry. You have plenty of useful idiots still waiting to help your party out:

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