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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obnoxious Neighbor Speaks Volumes About What's in Store for Us

A completely unimportant story but I found it interesting that this psychopath was a government worker.

Now I know that government workers are not all like this. But tell me, when's the last time you got polite and helpful at the post office or the DMV? How about competent? They may not have started out that way either but I think the system they have to work in beats them down. Turns them cynical and nasty. So I ask my liberal friends, how can this system which really destroys the people who work in possibly be beneficial to those who need their services? Does a government housing project seem like a happy place? Do people on food stamps seem well-rounded and fulfilled?

Do you remember what happened at Walter Reed? Now multiply these conditions for Obamacare. This lady was probably already a nasty wacko and is an extreme case. I don't know what caused her to become this nasty. But I have met many people who worked in government and to a greater or lesser extent, they weren't pleasant people. Either Government attracts these sorts of people or it creates them. Either way, there is nothing positive about what we get the more the government tries to provide. Liberals call it compassion but I believe it's totally the opposite.

Jon Stossel once did a story I will never forget. It was how government money to help is like a deal with the devil. A lady was letting little kids stay at her place after school in the inner city to keep them off the streets. This was out of the goodness of her heart, I don't believe she was charging anything or if she was, it was really minimal. It got so popular that she needed help. She did not want to start charging the parents as they weren't that well off either. So she applied for government money.

With the money came regulations. She must have a mop bucket and sink installed. Why? To clean up the milk she now had to provide. The kids didn't want the milk but if she gave them a snack, she had to provide the milk. Milk got thrown out most of the time, just totally wasted. That's environmentally friendly, huh? This was just one of the many rules she had to follow. Finally she refused the money at which point the government said she could no longer watch the kids at all. So now no one is helping these kids because big government knows best.

I recall her tearfully telling the camera, "Don't take the money." This is compassion? The government is too self-important to help anyone anymore. It wastes money. It throws down one-size-fits-all rules that don't fit anyone. It crushes the human spirit of charity and innovation. It is NEVER the answer. But it is usually the problem.

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