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Thursday, September 5, 2013

80's Wisdom

This is long winded. Sorry about that.

As a child of the 80s, I have a great fondness for so much from that decade. True, it wasn't perfect (parachute pants?) and there were questionable things that went on (Mr. Belvedere. What were we thinking?) But all in all it was the most conservative era in my lifetime and much of what was on TV and in the movies has stuck with me.

The Cosby Show in particular showed me a family that wasn't a black family but simply a family. The best moment from that show for me was in the pilot. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this but for those of you young uns who aren't, let me set this up. Theo gets bad grades and tells Daddy Cos that he doesn't need good grades, he can just be regular people, instead of a fancy lawyer or doctor. He then makes a heartfelt speech, right around the 3 minute mark.

This speech of Theo's is typical liberal bullshit and Cosby calls him out on it. What bothers me every time I see this is the audience eating this crap up. Makes for great TV to be sure it's what makes the scene so memorable. But these people and a great many more people watching sympathized with Theo. How is this different from today?

It's worse today. We have so many people living badly, DOING badly and when they get called on it, they scream at you things to make you feel like you're wrong. Wearing a hoody, going to get skittles and Arizona tea for the purpose of getting high, bashing a guys head into the concrete and then getting shot? That's racism. Not getting a job and using disability as a crutch? You hate the poor. Always an excuse for bad behavior.

How does color make you a thug? Aren't there white thugs? How does being lazy equate to some sort of racial norm? Didn't we used to say that calling black people lazy was racist? Now we make excuses for it? The left has made the criminal actions of the inner city black a racial trait. That's about as monstrous as it gets.

Everyone has a choice on how they will act or not act. No bad behavior can be excused by culture or skin color or gender or religion. To do so is to be truly racist. The left will guilt you. They will tug on your heart strings. They will excuse bad behavior by using the time tested method of making you feel bad for bringing it up. It's twisted if you think about it. Because after 50-60 years of that "just accept me for who I am" bullshit, the poor black community has been turned into a shell of what it once was. Education is denigrated. Speaking well is shunned. Success is being an Uncle Tom. And thug lifestyle is now celebrated. The left is destroying a race of people and they don't even know it.

I have a personal stake in this. My kids are adopted and of mixed race. People looking at my daughter would assume she's black. I don't want the creepy disgusting images Hollywood and the left have pushed as black culture to be the first thing people think of when they see her.

I don't think the Cosby example is a black thing, or a Muslim thing, or a women thing or whatever supposedly discriminated against minority. Theo is no different than a hundred million teenagers across this country, and across time for that matter. His reaction is one of immaturity. That's the left. Immature teenagers that are simply chronologically older. And a typical immature reaction is when your action get judged as wrong, you take it as a personal attack. You are degrading me a human being when you tell me I'm wrong.

The left is constantly in this immature mode. The effect of this is what has happened to blacks, but it's also happening to anyone who doesn't have the money or education to deal with it. So nothing bad that someone does is their fault. It's society, it's racism, it's discrimination it's whatever.

Say it Cos:

Teenagers are self-involved sheep and always have been. They don't know anything. That's fine at age 15, getting pretty old at age 55. The Lena Dunhams and Sean Penns and Bette Midlers can afford to be despicable teenagers. Most people can't and are paying the price. 

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