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Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Walgreens, now Home Depot


Expect more of these stories folks. The average home depot worker probably makes 30-40k a year. Who exactly helps the middle class? Of course we got an uphill battle to convince the fence sitters with zombies like this hitting me on twitter:
Ok, he asked for facts. So I gave them.

So what's his rebuttal? Did he take my points and cite anything that refuted them? Nope. Just dismissed them cause you know, he said so and stuff. Obama rules!
Nothing factual. Everything I said is just a talking point. This is a prime example of a typical leftist argument. He doesn't like the right. So it really doesn't matter what I say, whether it's right or not. It's what the GOP says and they are puppy eaters. You can't listen to them. But I decided to play cause there wasn't any football on.

Libs treat the political parties like baseball teams. My team is the Royals. Before you start laughing, know I don't care. They are my team. There is no logical reason other than geography but I love them. I will always root for them and I know it's nothing but pure emotion. So what? Baseball isn't life or death, it's pure entertainment, nothing more. Political parties are not baseball teams. You don't root for them, you find which one has the correct ideas for success, both for the country and for you as an individual. I will shred the GOP for every wrong idea they have. They deserve it. I will vote for a democrat if he is a conservative. Unlikely, I admit. Point is, don't get emotionally wrapped up in a candidate or a party. Be passionate about the issues. And be prepared to back it up.

I'm not going to convince this idiot, nor did I expect to. I did this prove a point about how to argue. I hope I convinced fence sitters who were reading the argument. I cited actual issues and then backed them up with sources, as best as I could within the limits of Twitter. My way takes more time but it is more effective.

We need to be effective.

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