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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bad Astronomer vs High Voltage

My pun machine is on the fritz so forgive the title. One of the guys I used to read on a regular basis and then later gave up on was Phil Plait. He ran a website called "Bad Astronomy." Being a movie buff, I loved his articles on the physics of film, more specifically how bad the physics in Hollywood is. (If cars exploded like they do in film, gun control advocates would have a different cause. A better site is intuitors Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. )  Phil has embraced the "global warming"/"climate change"/"earth is burning cause of your SUV" movement and has become pretty nasty about it.

Enter Anthony Watts, also a scientist who has a blog detailing all the climate stupid. He recently went at it with Phil in print. Phil made scathing comments on Slate where he is with the other loons and of course Watts' rebuttals were not printed in Slate. It's a good read, free of back biting and personal attacks. It does however nicely cut the legs out from under another global warming fanatic.

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