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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hate, the most overused word on MSNBC

Everyone hates except me

So in my earlier post I attempted in a meandering way to explain that hating actions is not the same as hating people. Except in the minds of children and the staff of MSNBC.

Tingles here believes everything the GOP does is motivated by hate. You know my kids think every time I tell them something they don't like, I hate them. Or they hate me for punishing them. Whatever, they throw the word around a lot. Immature mush heads that aren't fully formed yet do that. Much like Chris Mathews. Of course it's ok he opposes Syrian intervention and it's cogent opinion. Everyone else is hate. Or at least every one of us drooling, fanged, white hood wearing conservatives.

I get the feeling Chris really thinks we sit here with clenched teeth and permanent scowl trying to send anger and hate rays to Washington. We don't read or have any actual good reasons to oppose anything Obama does. We just effing hate.. grrrr.. snarl drool. Gnash, I say GNASH.

Grow up Tingles.

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