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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whatever Happened to Live and Let Live?

Back in the 80s I recall the pushback against Christian moralizing. Telling us what we couldn't listen to, what words were bad, etc. George Carlin's "7 words you can't say" exemplified this. When a reverend didn't like what he heard on the radio, Carlin's answer was succinct: "Hey Reverend, don't you know there are two knobs on the radio?"

There was an inherent philosophy that basically came down to "Live and let live." You do you, I'll do me. If you don't like what I like, no problem, just don't engage. You don't like my comedian's? You don't have to listen. Just don't tell me what I can listen to. Don't tell me what's funny or not funny, I'll decide for myself.

That has turned on its head. Regressives are no longer satisfied with enjoying what they enjoy, you must enjoy it too. Take the case of Memories pizza. Here was a pizza parlor that was asked by a reporter if they would cater a gay wedding. They said they wouldn't given that 1, no one would cater a wedding with pizza and 2, while they never turned away anyone from the restaurant, they just didn't want to participate in something that wasn't their thing. I don't care why, whether it was their values or they just didn't feel like, they shouldn't be forced to do it.

Oh the outrage. You must accept and participate. You must conform to what we decide. This is no different than the crap in the 80's by the Christians. Regressive's have become what they hate. Well done.

That brings us to this little video I made. People going to a comedy club are now berated for laughing. Laughing for chrissake.

What an awful person.

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