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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well, That Happened

Interesting debate. Couple of things I noticed:

1. Hillary made a crack on Trump getting a loan from his dad for 14k. He should've gotten it the honest way like how Hillary did with cattle futures.
2. Michael Reagan said:

Really? After the project Veritas videos, is Trump really that off-base?

3. Hit Hillary on the 6 billion, the Clinton foundation, the voter fraud, the people ginning up violence at rally's, he really pulled no punches. Good on him.
4. He wasn't specific enough on some policy issues. A little too much "We're gonna do something awesome" moments but not enough how he was going to "something awesome."
5. Hillary is buzzword central. Seriously, how does anyone believe a word she says? She went back and forth between rattled and robot drone.
6. She likes to talk about how bad and mean he is with women. I think Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and various other women would like to hear more about that.
7. She kept talk about how bad Russia is and how she is the only one who can protect us from Russia. If they kept hacking the DNC and her email, was that her big point? How they kept grabbing emails under their watch is a resume item? I'm completely flummoxed by her argument. Failure is a skill enhancement.

Overall whoever wins, we lose. But we'll lose more with Hillary. She's just awful. So corrupt.

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