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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hey HuffPo: No one cares about a black Stormtrooper except bigoted Leftists

Ah the Huffington Post. Is there anything they won't make up?
John Boyega doesn't need a lightsaber to fight against narrow-mindedness and stereotyping: That's what acting is for.

The 23-year-old British actor, who previously starred in 2011's "Attack the Block," has a big (yet mysterious) role as Finn in "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens." Since his casting was announced, some fans -- influenced, no doubt, by the lack of racial diversity in the cast of the original trilogy -- have complained that a dark-skinned actor shouldn't be playing someone who wears a Stormtrooper outfit.

But in an interview with V magazine, Boyega said that these fans are just going to have to "get used to it." 
Other links to prove the racism of Star Wars fans go to other articles that interview Patton Oswalt's reaction to the horror of the racism of Star Wars fans reacting negatively to a black stormtrooper.

Problem is, NO ONE has offered a whiff of evidence to support the existence of this wave of racism.

Google "Black Stormtrooper." You will find article after article condemning all the racists out there who are mad about dem darkies messin up our Star Wars. You won't find any of those actual racists these leftists are so mad about.

Because there really aren't any.

Which leads me to my point. Leftists are bigoted against whites.

These reporters never actually produce a stitch of evidence to support the idea that there is even close to a sizable minority that there are racist Star Wars fans out there. But they take this "information" to John Boyega, or Patton Oswalt, or whoever they can stick a microphone in front of and present it as fact. Then ask for a reaction. Boom the story is minted and set in stone as TRUTH.

It's not. It's made up bullshit to keep the narrative going that white people are forever racists. Don't buy it and don't believe it. It's all lies.

This is what they do. This is how you warp the perceptions of the masses who don't take the time to really pay attention. Don't buy it.

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