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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scott Walker Forges a New Way... Now For Illinois

The man's a pioneer. I'm thinking Scott Walker should be some sort of liquor, like Johnnie Walker but manlier. 
Elections have consequences. And, for Illinois’ unions, the consequence of the 2014 gubernatorial election will be devastating.

In an attempt to tackle the worst fiscal crisis the Prairie State has faced in years, Gov. Bruce Rauner is walking a path forged by fellow Midwestern Republican Governors Scott Walker and Rick Snyder. The first GOP governor of Illinois in 16 years recently revealed his intention to tackle state union contracts with the aim of making the state’s economy more competitive and reducing the rising property tax burden on average state residents.

In his first State of the State address last week, Rauner proposed creating “right-to-work” zones and banning political spending from public sector unions.

“Under Illinois law, unions are permitted to collect dues from all the workers they are legally certified to represent in a given workplace. The idea is to prevent nonmembers from ‘free-riding,’ that is, receiving the benefits of a union contract without paying for the costs of negotiation and administration,” The International Business Times reported. “‘Right-to-work’ laws prevent unions from making membership automatic and collecting fees from nonmembers.”
Good luck Rauner. With a Democrat controlled legislature, you have your work cut out for you. Call Scott for advice on how to handle the usual rational, lefty responses: death threats, chanting mobs, vandalism, and various criminal assaults on people who agree with you.

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